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transmitter-beta - Transmitter - Beta 1

presented by Heeen


The scenario The Allied forces have a hard time progressing forward as civilists are resisting the invadors being manipulated by the volksempfänger's propaganda program. To break the civil resistance Allied forces have to overtake a local transmitter, which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for local receivers. Thus they have to rotate the transmitter's antenna, so it points towards an allied pirate sender. The pirate sender sends on a different frequency, so the allies have to manipulate the frequency by installing a radio modification kit on the transmitter electronics. the objectives

Allies have to... -construct a bridge -capture the forward hut -dynamite the serpentine barricade if built by axis -rotate the receiving antenna located in the tower -take the radio modification kit from the forrest hut -dynamite the tunnel grate door OR infiltrate it with a covop -install the modification kit in the castle

Features -a gate that can be risen by "hand" -a bypass tunnel with a triggerable door for the serpentine barricade -a dynamitable teamdoor (tunnel grate door) -a neutral command post -(lame) custom hq voice commands

Known bugs -the descriptive text is too long -the bridge mg is almost useless, because it's blocked by the bridge -the map is maybe too hard for allies, this has to be discovered by playing with more than 6 players -the smoke in the skyportal is sometimes messed up when the map runs on a server.. -some voice commands are not playing correctly -more bugs on http://www.war-kiffer.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=283&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15 (if you understand german)

the bugs will of course be fixed in the final version, so please report them to me

thanks go to: SD for ET mindlink for some buildings, compiles and a lot of help zaphod for vis compiling our map once for 36h on his 1,5 gb ram machine until we fixed our details/structurals tr4it0r for some textures, the command map, some building and the first idea of a castle map mehl0r for letting us test the map on his server, visit www.n0lame.de.vu the creator of the md3s (angel, tombstones)

contact me: [email protected]

Copyright © 2003 Heeen


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