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tREMorPatch is a Patch Switching Utility for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Over the years Wolf:ET has gone through some upgrades, 4 major versions are available, so if you want to play on the many thousands of servers out there, you either need to install 4 versions of Wolf or have a good patch switcher.

Submitted for your approval is tREMorPatch... an easy to install and easy to use patch swicther. When you run tREMorPatch you will have the option to choose from a menu, which patch of Wolf:ET you want to use, and then optionally, launch your game from the utility.



tREMorPatch v1.1 for Windows: Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Patch Switcher

Author: tREMor
Based on previous patch switching utilities by: rob & KillerWhale

This is a new, easier to use Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Patch Switcher than 
ones you may have seen before that will allow you to switch your game patch 
back and forth from all versions: 2.60b to 2.60 to 2.56 to 2.55!  

tREMorPatch.exe is a self-extracting file, that should be installed into your 
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder, usually located in the following location 

C:Progam FilesWolfenstein - Enemy Territory

Simply run tREMorPatch.exe to insall the patch switcher. After installing you can 
safely delete tREMorPatch.exe as it is just an installer.  An icon will be placed 
on your desktop allowing you to run the patch switcher and optionally, launch 
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as well.

*** Important Note: This utility will not run if you do not have your game upgraded 
to Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Version 2.60 ***

To learn more about upgrading Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and using this patch 
switcher, visit http://www.arpwn.com

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