Trickjump movie by KP



Author: |KP|Homer File format: AVI

Its titled "Trickjumping in Enemy Territory" There is no order or theme....just some crazy jumps, speedjumps, stacks and even some treeclimbing. The music is fitting to the subject as well.

Big Thanks go out to Cold and Laggy for all their help with shooting and reshooting. We all had alot of fun jumping and exploring the maps. Thx to Slayer, Krak, Six, Speedy, Lurkin, and everyone who helped out (its a long list). All jumps,tricks, stacks ect are done on normal settings and are legal under TWL/CAL rules. Come to our irc channel (#kernel) and talk with myself,Cold or Laggy if anyone has any doubts.

Use the Xvid codec to view the movie.

8 minutes in length . File size is 150mb at medium video quality.

No screenshot available.


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