Axis must repair and steal the tank in Boozaka Town The Axis must escort the tank to the Ammo/Fuel-building at the end of the tunnel. Aft...


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Axis must repair and steal the tank in Boozaka Town The Axis must escort the tank to the Ammo/Fuel-building at the end of the tunnel. After refueling, the tank must be escorted to the river outside Spinnertal. When the tank reaches the river, Axis must build a 3-stage bridge, and escort the tank into Braboheim.

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Download 'uje00_b1.zip' (12.03MB)

//--- Info
Map: UJE_00
Version: Beta 1
Mission: Axis Objective
Maker: [UJE]C
Date: 2006 november 11
homepage: http://members.home.nl/core/maps
clan-site: http://www.ujeclan.com

//--- Mission
Axis must repair and steal the tank in Boozaka Town.

There is a spawnflag inside the barbershop. Any team can capture the flag.
When the Axis have escorted the tank into the tunnel, the spawns at Boozaka Town will be forced Axis, and the flag will disappear. The Allies must hold the flag at Boozaka Town for as long as they can.

The Axis must escort the tank to the Ammo/Fuel-building at the end of the tunnel.

The tank needs to be refueled with 8 fuelcans.
There are 3 locations where a total of 8 fuelcans are stored (3+3+2).
All fuelcans have to be delivered inside the Ammo/Fuel-building.

After refueling, the tank must be escorted to the river outside Spinnertal.
The Allies can build a barricade to force the tank to take a different route to the river.

There is a spawnflag at the Old Skool. Any team can capture this flag during the entire mission.

When the tank reaches the river, Axis must build a 3-stage bridge, and escort the tank into Braboheim.
The bridge can NOT be destroyed when the tank is on the bridge.

There is a neutral command-post; Any team can build/conquer this CP.

//--- Gadgets
Free drinks and games at the [UJE]Cafe.
Be careful on the birds..
Tank-MGnest locking (tunnel & bridge)

//--- Serious

//--- Textures
The following textures are remakes of existing Wolfenstein-ET textures:

I've found the following ready-to-use textures on the internet (and adjusted most of them a bit):

These are very old 3D-Studio images. I had to adjust the scale to make them real textures (powers of 2). I also had to make them tilable, and had to get rid of the nasty repeating patterns. Finally some color-blending on the edges to make the yellow line better suit the road-asphalt:
I'm still not satisfied about these 2 textures, but i liked the structure of the asphalt.. :-)

The water caustics were taken from a closeup MPEG-video i encountered on the internet. I think the video was made with "TextureMaker", not sure though. I selected, and saved 8 seperate frames out of 29. I extracted the initial purple color, and gave it a more realistic water color.
Because the texture wasn't working at a 96x96 resolution, i converted it to a 128x128 resolution..it worked..

I made the flying bird textures from photographs i found on some bird-site on the internet. Then i shaped them into transparant textures, frame by frame. I had to manually draw some parts of the goose, because the images were incomplete (parts covered by objects).

The fishes in the water are made from 1 photograph of a real pyranha.

These textures are made by someone else..i really don't know who made them (otherwise his/her name would be stated in this readme). The [UJE]-logo was added by our clan-admin, and great player, [UJE]Niek.

The images of the slot-machine are taken from the internet, and a bit edited by me. Then turned into textures.

The Sky-textures were made with TerraGen, FOV90/0/90/180/270/up/down/gotcha.

All other textures are made by me.

//--- Shaders
With help of the Q3map2 shader manual, i made all the shaders myself. Some bits and pieces are taken from examples and original ET-shaders. I had some difficulties using CloneShaders/BackShaders, i just couldn't get them to work properly! Eventhough i spend hours trying.. 
I had made several more shaders to be used in my map, but i ran into a remapshader-problem. Most probably i hit the limit on the number of remapshader-commands that can be issued in the map-script. Too bad..
Note that there may be some commented lines in shader-entries.. /test.

//--- Sounds
Almost every sound in the map has been taken from the internet. I just Googled them up, and adjusted the format to 22050Hz/8b/mono. (to save space)
I've also taken cuts & pieces of music from the following artists/composers :
Carl Orff - O Fortuna (Carmina Burana)
Hanz Werner Henze - Erlkoenig
Peteris_Vasks - 2. Symphonie
Artist Unknown - credo
Artist Unknown - the Last Post

//--- Scripts
I've used the map-script (and brushwork) from the GoldRush command-post (because of time-issues / deadline on my part).
I've also used the code-structure of the tank-script as a blueprint.
I had some very hard time to create a properly functional tank. At first, i just couldn't get the tank-turret to be solid when damaged. Finally i had choosen for some workaround..I used a tank/turret-clip made out of 1 piece of brushwork (not 2 seperate clipbrushworks).
I encountered several more problems when creating the tank, but after a month of headache most of them got fixed. (turret staying horizontal when tank was on a ramp/slope, clipbrushes offset wrong, tank not repairable,.. You name it, I've encountered it!)

All other scripts are made by me and my notepad.exe. I just had to find out, the hard way, that the flow of execution is somewhat different as i had anticipated.. it is not always "gosub-like". Most scripts were easy enough to create, even the slotmachine, and the "honour the dead"-ceremony.

The ceremony-script, (which needs 5 players from 2 different teams, each player having a different function), was easier to create in notepad, than the brushwork in the map-editor.. There are many triggers, func_invisible_users, script_movers, target_script_triggers, func_timers involved to make it all work. I later added the light-effects when the buttons are pressed/released. There are actually 2 identical rooms with switches/buttons, 1 lit and 1 unlit. I used script_movers to switch between the 2 states. The brushwork looks the same, but the lightmap shows the difference.
I wanted to use this light/shadow-effect for the bridge as well, but i encounterd some problems with the terrain and couldn't get it to work properly (within my deadline). Now the bridge does not cast any shadows on worldspawn.. :-(  Maybe something for version 2 of this map..
BTW: The "honour the dead" ceremony is no mission-objective. The ceremony was implemented to be used as a memorial-service by our own clan.. A respectful way for [UJE] to honour a fallen clan-member who died in a traffic-accident, [UJE]Marinier, Erik Nillissen.
I made it hard to initiate the ceremony, because of the 2 minutes of silence involved. This way normal gameplay will not be interrupted by some fool who triggers the ceremony while a battle is going on.

The (church)clock is functional. It is an analog clock. It starts at 00:00 hours at map-start. When the ceremony has begun, the clock will jump to 20:00 hours.

The slotmachine has 5 working buttons and will "pay out" when someone hits the jackpot (3xBAR7). For now..The score is kept, but not displayed (maybe next version)..

The bridge cannot be destroyed while the tank is on the bridge. During that time, i simply hide the bridge and show a func_static instead, so the bridge cannot be damaged. After the tank has passed the bridge, i replace the func_static with the func_constructable again. (I just didn't like a hovering tank, like in the great map "Fueldump").

Note that there are still many commented lines in the script-code.. leftovers from things i've been trying out.
The shaders are also wildly commented. 

//--- Compile
In the year 2006, my map compiles in exactly 1 hour on a P4HT/3.6GHz/1GB(/7800GTX).
I've used the following commandline(s):

[q3map2] -meta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]"
[q3map2] -vis -saveprt "[MapFile]"
[q3map2] -light -fast -samples 2 -filter -bounce 8 -external -lightmapsize 256 "[MapFile]"

The "bounce 8"-calculation takes about half an hour to complete!.. time-expensive, but the result looked better in some places of the map.
&& WTF is 1h?!..   CompUte bitĀ©#!

Map UJE_00:
    5778 total world brushes
    4334 detail brushes
      13 patches
       2 hint brushes

//--- Thanks


[UJE] Fast Frank

[UJE]Clan.. that's what friends are for.

Contributes at the splashdamage forums.

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