Axis objective, free & escort the V.I.P to safety



Map:		UJE_01
Maker:		C
Mission-type:	Axis objective, free & escort the V.I.P

Release notes:	This is the first public release..
		Beta 1

When the V.I.P. is wounded, a medic can revive him. A medic also makes the V.I.P run. When escorted by a field-ops, the V.I.P will not kneel when being hit. The V.I.P can escorted by everyone. 

* Announcer:	{TTS}stevecrow74
* V.I.P.:	it is my own voice

* zenith-ply made the Arado196 float-plane.
  It is a great model, i did not use every damaged model that comes along with the plane though, 
  but i included them in this pk3 (so it is complete)..
* Quake3 DrEvil player-model..made by John "Ronin{Triad}" Fisher & Gary "Two Beans{TRIAD}" Jordan
  I had to glue all bodyparts with mapscript..
* Parachute model from Degeneration

Resources used:
* Chruker's script-reference, and his "tag-the-dummy" tool.
  I used it for the VIP, the truck and the parachute.
* The Q3Map2 shader-manual.

* I used these commandline-arguments to compile this map:
  [q3map2] -meta -mv 1024 -mi 6144 "[MapFile]"
  [q3map2] -vis -saveprt "[MapFile]"
  [q3map2] -light -fast -samples 3 -filter -bounce 10 -bouncegrid -external -lightmapsize 256 "[MapFile]"

*   11323 total world brushes
     7992 detail brushes
      156 patches		//?? i think these are my decal shaders, i only used a few patches..
      977 entities
     2802 visclusters
     6804 visportals
     2802 portalclusters
     6804 numportals
    13608 active portals
     1744 hint portals
        6 average number of passages per leaf  (hmm, at previous compile this was still 5)
       66 MB required passage memory
      242 Average clusters visible
   678253 Total visible clusters
    11164 numfaces
        1 fogs
  16384.0 farplane distance	// this doesn't do anything..

* I used a lot of bounce at the compile..
  It takes a while, but it looks much better..especially the dark spots, like the tunnels..
  But there are still some pitch-black spots in my map, because i like the contrast.. 

* I also used some fog, for some atmosphere.. (allthough it cuts framerate down by almost a quarter)

* A normal final compile takes 21 minutes on my 2 year old P4..
  A Bounce-10 lighting compile takes 1 hour..
  A compile with also -bouncegrid takes as much as 3h20m.. 

Special Thanks:
* {TTS}stevecrow74 for recording the voice-announcements.. and so promptly!.. Much appreciated. Thank You..
* [UJE]Ben_Dover for recording the initial voices.. Thanks mate!
* [UJE]Niek for his support on the server, and arranging the voice-announcers.. Kei Bedankt man!
* [UJE]Clan and friends for testing, finding bugs, and checking the gameplay of the map.. Thanks everybody

See the [UJE]Clan website for more information: http://www.ujeclan.com
There are also plenty of UJE-maps to download..

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