UJE Temple Sniper

Temple Sniper map set in the desert for ET


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Temple Sniper map set in the desert for ET

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Download 'temple_sniper_2.zip' (9.37MB)

Map made by  [UJE]Niek 



Because of some bugs in the p version i had to make 1 final adjustment in this map So now it's called UJE_temple_sniper2 , It still is the crossing version. There are made some adjustments with clipping and a lot of light adjustments Think the map is done now and no more changes are gonne be made. 


You saw on the screenshot the way to cross. And How huge the map is now. The only way to cross is through the tunnel and beware what youre up against cause the ghosts are there too. Well as usual i hope everyone likes the map , have fun with it , then my time is well spend. 



I've also made some waypoints for omnibot for this map  


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