UJE Temple Sniper p + waypoints

a remake for sniper from Temple sniper


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File Description
[UJE] Temple sniper crosseble

Conversion made by [UJE]Niek

* a remake for sniper from Temple sniper


This is an non public conversion of temple sniper.
This map is adjusted to uje style.
I wanne thank the makers of temple sniper for letting me change this map.



* Made the map a bit bigger for more sniperspots
* Adjusted the lighting
* Terrain aproval for higher sniperspots
* added some sounds in it
* Way more cover now
* Removed some clips that you can get to more spots


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* On our BOTsniperserver ip:
  You can see some adjusted maps like this one.
* Omnibot waypoints you can get from our site

* Please take your time to post on our forum for any questions
  [UJE]Clan site


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