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Vengeance_TE README file Brought to you by Ifurita, Mean Mr. Mustard, and Seven_DC with substantial contributions by Crotalus and thegnat...


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Vengeance_TE README file Brought to you by Ifurita, Mean Mr. Mustard, and Seven_DC with substantial contributions by Crotalus and thegnat


- Sock - Objective script, desert skybox - Mean Mr. Mustard - Terrain, Tunnel, Spawnpoint scripting, V2 Models + Animation, lots of other scripting - Seven_DC - Original neutral command post prefab, lots of interior decorating, map hinting and clipping - Deathstick - Original constructible MG42 prefabs - Drakir - Numerous prefabs - Bubba - Original V2 crane prefab - thegnat - Command map (, or the irc channel #n0lame @quakenet) - Ifurita - Laid down a brush here and there (www.wolfjaeger, or the irc channel #wolfjaeger @gamesurge) - Crotalus - Signage and skin on V2 rockets - Various members of the Wolfjaeger and Modus Operandi teams for testing, bug finding, and suggestions - Silicon Slick and ND80 for running various versions on ND80 Test Maps and ND80 New Maps - CAL, TWL, and MGL for running Vengeance_TE in pre- and regular season play - Leno for the awesome Flak37 AA guns

Gameplay Notes:

Axis Objectives

Phase I - Gain access to base by breaching the Main Gate - Gain access to Bunker #2 in the Ammo Depot

Phase II - Transport control codes to Radar Station

Phase III - Destroy V2 Rocket in the North Ramp hanger

Secondary - Capture Ammo Depot spawn (flag goes perm-Axis when bunker door is blown) - Construct CP Spawn

Changes from version to version

Vengeance_TE_b4 to Vengeance_TE_final

- Added more cover at North Ramp - Removed radio - Removed signs that caused people to get hung up - Tweaked concrete pads around key doorways - Added scripted alert when key is captured - Extended delay before hanger doors open

Vengeance_TE_b1 to Vengeance_TE_b4

- Extended concrete pads in front of key door ways to prevent placement of mines right at the door step - I think I found the fix to the inside out rocket issue - When axis cap obj, allied autospawn set to the rear spawn - Adjusted signage so that they are readable even under high picmip values - Removed a couple of crates, vents, etc that got in the way. - Added target_locations to support ETPRO 3.1.8 - Annotated limbo map with correpsonding large areas (ammo depot, radar station, etc) - Tied OBJDATA objective descriptions to place names - Modified opposing table next to cap point so that it doesn't look like the cap point from Beach - Modified some aethetics

Vengeance_final to Vengeance_TE_b1

- South Rocket eliminated as an objective - North Rocket moved inside the hanger - Tunnel connecting North and South hangers added - Returnable objective now a single set of codes which must be capped in the Radar Station instead of the north and south bunkers. Capping obj opens the two hanger doors and enables the rocket to be dyno'd - Health and ammo racks moved up to the pipes room - Improved data presentation in the command map - Random objective spawning eliminated. Codes are in Bunker #2 - Improved audible prompts for objective taken, stolen, flag captured, and obj destroyed - Side door removed - Bunker #2 door is not dynoable and not rebuildable - Forward flag becomes permanent axis once bunker door is blown - Allies can now spawn at the CP at game start. Axis must blow the CP in order to eliminate the allied spawn there - Allied spawns at CP moved upstairs to prevent spawning within clear LOS of the cap location - Added lots of cover here and there - Moved initial axis spawns slightly forward

Vengeance_b2 to Vengeance_final

- Added 13 second alarm, local to launch bunker, when codes are capped - Lowered North Bunker MG slightly - Removed MGs on top of North and South rocket shelters - Added environment sounds - Reduced size of PK3 from 9.8Mb to 6.6Mb - Optimized clipping

Vengeance_b1 to Vengeance_b2

- Added back passage to ammo bunker area, protected by dynomitable/constructable door - Added a team door exit to North Rocket area from North Bunker MG

V2_base_fp to Vengeance_b1

- Added second path to sally port hallway w/ team door - Made sally port door destroyed along with main gate - Randomized location of objectives

General Notes - Map is designed for 12-28 players - Axis are on offense - In order to destroy rocket, control codes must be taken from the Ammo Bunker to the radar station. This will deactivate the fail safes, which enables the rocket to be dynamited and open the hanger doors

Miscellaneous Trivia:

- First brush laid down - 3/1/04 - Total people actively involved in creation - 5 - Map (_final) released exactly 3 months after inception - Crest on welcome sign belongs to the 1st Mountain Division, to which, the 98th Mountain Regiment belonged


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