|Story:.. |:..The Allies have intercepted intelligence that an |...


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|Story:.. |:..The Allies have intercepted intelligence that an |:..important transaction will be occuring between the |:..Germans and Italians in Venice today. The Allies must |:..escort their Churchill Tank to blow the library open, |:..commandeer the relic, and escape Venice by Boat. |

| How To Play:.. |:..Unzip venice_b4.pk3 into your etmain folder. |:..Launch Enemy Territory(tm) |:..Find a server running venice_b4 |:..Enjoy responsibly. |

| Objectives:..| |Allies:..| |1:..Move the Tank out of the enemy's AT-Gun firing | |range. [P]| |2:..Escort the Tank to the church to destroy the | |Outpost. [P]| |3:..Escort the Tank into position to blow the| |Library Doors open. [P]| |4:..Steal the ancient Relic from the Library Hall. | |[P]| |5:..Escape with the Relic using the Boat in the| |Canal. [P]| |6:..Build a Command Post for faster charge times.[S]| |7:..Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post. | |[S]| || |Axis:..| |1:..Prevent the Allies from escorting the Tank out | |of the AT-Gun firing range. [P]| |2:..Prevent the Allied Tank from destroying the| |Outpost. [P]| |3:..Prevent the Allies from using the Tank to blow | |open the Library Doors. [P]| |4:..Stop the Allies from stealing the ancient Relic | |from the Library Hall. [P]| |5:..Stop the Allies from escaping with the Relic | |via a Boat in the Canal. [P]| |6:..Stop the Allies from constructing a Command| |Post. [S]| |7:..Build your Command Post for improved charge| |times. [S]| ||

| Miscellania:..| |:..editor: GtkRadiant 1.3.13| |:..compiler: q3map2 2.5.11| | time : 7 months| |:..PC specs: P4 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, 9700pro| |:..light compile: -light -fast -patchshadows| |-samples 3 -filter -bounce 8 | |:..compile stats: bsp : 4min| |: vis : 4min| |: light : 1hr 58min| |:..Base: New map from scratch| |:..Textures: mapcenter challenge 4 textures | |:..: Ido Magal Venice textures| |:..: SweetnutZ ivy and flower texs | |:..: Many of my own custom textures | |:..Sounds: Sonic ( created | |:..most of the music and sfx.| |:..Models: Custom speedboat & relic models | ||

| Credits :..| |:..mapcenter4 entrants > for a wonderful texture | |set.| |:..Ido Magal > for a cool venice texture set that | |has never been given justice.| |:..SweetnutZ > for the ivy and flower textures | |:..Sonic > for all the hard work making some| |awesome music and sfx. Too bad we | |couldn't include them all!| |:..M Schaffer > for giving great feedback on the | |alpha releases.| |:..sock, djbob, hummer, gerbil > for helping me | |out in the SD | |forums!| |:..ydnar > for being available to others in the | |forums and for making a great tool in | |q3map2.| |:..Robobunny > For hosting my website and forums | |:..gnat > For the temporary command map| |:..testers > M Schaffer, Charlie, Buff, Toe Cutter| |Johnny Walker, gnat, WestEnd, Sonic, | |Robobunny, shAdow, Knightmare| || | Copyright :..| |:..Copyright (c) 2004 Kevin Ferree| || | Permissions:..You may not include or distribute this map in | | Threats :..any sort of commercial product without| | | Ramblings :..permission from the author. You may not mass | |:..distribute this level via any non-electronic | |:..means, including but not limited to compact | |:..disks, and floppy disks. You may not| |:..Redo/reproduce/update this map in any way| |:..without permission from the author.| || | Now go play:..| ||

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