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Again a new mod for No Quarter made by phisherman. This time the scenario is set to the war in Vietnam. Because of the larger file size the...


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Again a new mod for No Quarter made by phisherman. This time the scenario is set to the war in Vietnam. Because of the larger file size the mod is split into three pk3's (one pk3 for the Vietnam-Style, two additional sound packs, one for weapon sounds and one adds new voice chats), so you can choose what you want on your server. As small bonus every pk3 works stand-alone. Please take a look into the readme for closer information.

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# Vietnam-Skins for Allies & Axis
# Some Weapons changed
# Some Sounds changed, like for example:
# Different Weapon Sounds (Addon)
# Vietnam VoiceChat (Addon)
# Battlefield Environment Sounds (Addon)
# Blood stays on the ground the whole map
# FireTeamChat-Commands in normal VoiceChat
# Some VoiceChat-Commands appear with an Icon

This mod is made for NoQuarter! It's not sure it will work with other mods!

How to use the Mod

You might wonder why there are 4 files. Let me explain why there are so many and what they're for:


This is the basic file. Without this pack, you ain't got no Vietnam Mod. ;-)

Because of the large file size, I decided to split up the Archive to let you choose, which features you want to include and which you don't.
All the following packs are Addons, they're not necessary, but they enable some more interesting functions.
If file size is no problem for you, you can include all the files.
If you want to prevent players from a long download-time, don't include the following files.
All the Addons are also usable without the Vietnam-Mod! Especially the Battlefield Sounds might be interesting for you, even if you don't use the Vietnam-Mod.


This pack adds new weapon sounds to the mod.
All the nessesary sounds are included in z_vietnam_mod.pk3, these are just additional ones!


This pack changes the environment sounds into real war sounds to get a better athmosphere.


This pack changes the normal VoiceChat to Vietnam VoiceChat.
Be careful, it's impossible to understand the Axis. ;-)

Thanks to:

# Berzerkr (GER) for all his help and his shader fixes.
# VS|Monkey for his VS-Packs I used as base for this mod.

Known bugs:

In 3rdPerson-View, the Muzzleflash of the M16 and the AK47 is appearing at the hands of the soldier, not at the gun. Maybe someone wants to fix that. :-)

Info-File made by Phisherman

If you find any bugs or if you have any suggests, please write a mail to

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