Voice Chat Menu Extension



=DESCRIPTION: This voice chat mod adds the "fire team voice chats" to the regular chat menu. Such as "Revive Me!, Resupply Me!, Check for Landmines" etc etc. (See Images included) They are accessed by pressing 8 or 9 while in the voice chat menu. They are all team chats, so they will not be shown globally to the other team, and should automatically put an icon over your head depending on the chat (revive me = medic symbol)



user_customvoice.pk3 - Made by BlackStorm

Thanks for downloading my voice chat menu extension.
I made this a long while ago and released it privately but others can use it if they like.


Simply Unzip "user_customvoice.pk3" into your ETMAIN folder.

However, in order for this script to work, the server admin must have this file on their server or have "sv_pure" equal to 0, which few actually do to prevent cheaters. Otherwise, the extension will not work.

Since this was modified off of the regular ET menu, you can do anything with it that you want except sell it commerically. Feel free to modify it, but if you upload it to your own site, please keep this README file the exact same as it is. Thanks.

Made by BlackStorm
Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

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