War Factory



Goal :

I put in this mod a lot of mini mods from others, like skins, sounds and more, all these new mods are written later. I wanted to have what is made for ET in one mod, and of course my own ideas too. We add Bots, as we want the best there is, we took for the mod's support the Bobots, then you could practise easy the mod in LAN or with friends before going in the internet hell fight ^^

The mod's goal is to enable players to have the best ideas from each mini mids in only one mod! We dont want to take the job from these mods at all! We only want that players could have the ebst in one mod, and of course we take what we think it is the best! All right reserved for mods and thanks a lot to have accepted that we used your job :)




Details : 

In your mod, directory you have a file calls "server.cfg", this file is for a LAN or an Internet server hosting, you can open it with a WORDPAD and then modify all you want in.


Dev Team : 

- [RW]Tiger : Leader/Coder
- jaquboss ríká: Coder
- Patrick : Bots coder
- Diamond : Graph 2D
- JP : Tester


Features Version 1 : 

- Bots support (bobots),
- Improved version of Bobot,
- More amo for all weapons and class,
- Number of panzerfaust reduce to 2,
- Number of a MG42 ammunition reduce to 100,
- Increase damage of  : 

- Basic XP save (during 5 minutes after a deco),
- cover ops can take all weapons, 
- Add new sounds,
- Add new icon to V6 voice chat : 
 I am an engineer,
 I am a covert ops,
 I am a medic,
 I am a soldier,
 I am a field ops,

- Add new skins for : 
 m1 garand,
 Axis and Allied Grenade,
- Add new skins for both Axis and Allied,
- Add new flag for both mines,
- Patch 2.6 support,
- Visual improvement from some ranks,
- The soldat class can take all weapons,
- Amo and health box skins improved,
- Medic axis and Allies are woman skined,
- Played maps for bots : 
- Add a news 6 maps campaign.

Features Version 2 : 

- Add Playdead (to activate : /playdead), 
- Add Class steal (You pick up the class of a friend dead player), 
- Add new sounds for: 
 - Panzerfaust shoot and explosion,
 - Tank sounds,
 - Truck sounds,
 - More others sounds.
- Add Stg44 to fieldops Axis, 
- Add news colors for the pliers,
- Add new skins for : 
 - MP 40,
 - Panzerfaust,
 - Sten,
 - Grenade Axis.
- Remplace Barrel smoke instead flash, 
- Fixed switch for bot ( pressing use while following bots ), 
- Fixed cvops not using sten, 
- Made bots run toward enemies and sprint with knife,
- Grenade number increase : 
 - PC_ENGINEER : 10 
- Medic health increase faster : +5,
- Medic has got more HP points,
- Number of XP point increase when a medic reanime,
- Number of ammo and medic pack given increase,
- Number of XP point increase when kill with a knife : 4
- Incase of an airstike, land mine, dynamite, complain point reduce to 1 instead of 3,
- Axis and Allies medic skins change.

Features Version 3 : 

- When a cover satchel is on ground, cover has got a 360° view,
- Bots Waypoint improvement for : 
 - Fueldump,
 - Goldrush
 - Radar.
- Add BAR weapon to Allies Fieldops,
- Add Bazooka instead of panzerfaust to Allies soldier,
- Add bot Cover ops and Soldier (limited behavor).

Features Version 4 : 

- add a shotgun to allies medic and engeener,
- increase the soldier healther from 100 to 120,
- add a gaz grenade to both axis and allies,
- add the venom  weapon to axis soldier,
- add the Schrotflinte to the axis medic and axis engeener,
- Improve the bots Behavor,
- Bots can use door, MG42 and others news weapons added.

Server : 

There are no server actually for the mod, just because this mod is at the start of its life :) May be later it will have some servers, but as you have bot support you can play and test the mod with the bot.

Thanks : 

- Many Thanks to CHRIPTOR, for the skins Axe and Allied,
- Many Thanks to Matt Plo, for some weapons sounds and weapons skins,
- Many Thanks to nUllSkillZ, for new icon to V6 voice chat,
- Many Thanks to d-damcio, for some new weapons skins,
- Many Thanks to Azyu, for the code for enable cover ops to take all weapons. 
- Many Thanks to cap.com, for his pliers mod,

- Features like, intro music, foots sounds, skins weapon of MP40, Axis grenade and panzerfaust, impact sounds, hud colors are from "the Days of The Golden Eagle Fall" mod. Many thanks Miguel Nunes for allowing us to use this.

site : http://dotgef.mnprojects.com/
forum : http://www.mnprojects.com/forums

- Axis shotgun coming from the "wegeinmodv35" mod, models, animations and sounds,
- Others Weapons models and animations coming from the Realistic War mod, Version 0.7. All Right Reserved.


recruitment : 

We are recruting to improve the mod and to add more interessting features. If you are interessting to join our DEV Team
just feel free to mail here : [email protected] or to join our IRC channel : #clanrw


Contacting us : 

On Mirc, on irc.quakenet.org, join #clanrw. Join us and ask your questions, suggestions and comments.


ET : Quake War : 

For all players who will play to the ETQW game, there is a site which is only in french about the game with all informations and last screens.
This is THE ETQW french site : http://www.etqw.fr/

Je vous conseille un site uniquement Francais et dédié au futur hit, j'ai nommé ET : Quake War, allez le visiter, vous y trouverez toutes les dernieres news, des infos tres interessantes et tout cela en francais :)
C'est LE site de reference de la communauté FR sur le jeu ETQW.

Le site : http://www.etqw.fr/



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