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Axis are trying to mess in the occult again, and do real nasty things. Allied special forces took over the occult site in a raid. Now the Axis attack to get back control over the old Abbey and finally raise the evil Wargod. Allies are on the mission to save the world from this of course.



//-------------- README for WARBELL release --------------------

A - Story and map features
B - General info, credits, acknowledgements
C - Installing & playing the map, known bugs, recommendations for servers
D - Thanks
E - Copyright

A - Story and map features

Why another map? Simple answer: 2 maps to learn mapping, the third to have fun.
Warbell originated from the idea to create a map that s not just a map, but an impressive piece of map Artwork combining intense, captivating gameplay and a good laugh too.
It is also an hommage to the RtCW single player, and the custom SP mission timegate for RtCW.
Now its done, and it is candy to the eyes, drag you into its gameflow and even make your hair stand on end occasionally.
But look for yourself...

Core facts:
Axis attacking
18 mins timelimit
spawntimes are 15s Axis, 20s Allies
multiple access routes to all objectives
gameplay honed towards fast and intense battle
map design... well look for yourself :-)
loads of special effects
framerates will be constant 76 FPS everywhere for average computer systems (1.2GHz CPU/ 512mb RAM/ Ge4 TI4600 128mb gets at least 50 FPS in the bad areas)
nighttime setting but bright enough to see and kill the opponents
overall mapsize is a bit bigger than supplydepot2

First stage:
- gain access to the Guardhouse (2 access routes: caves and road)
- maybe slip through the teamdoors with stolen uniforms
- capture the flag or 
- destroy the Guardhouse Gate (secures forward spawn)

Second stage:
- use dynomite to gain access to the Hidden Room
- take the Book of Death from it's glass case and
- deliver it to the Altar of Blood in the sacrifice room of the Abbey
- destroy the gates in the Abbey for faster access (2 dynamitable, 1 satchelable and one teamdoor, none of them rebuildable)
- repair a bell mechanism in the Abbey
- ring the bell (after you built the mechanism AND after you delivered the objective)
- sacrifice three axis players to the Wargod
- optional: forward spawn at a neutral command post

Gameplay and playerloads:
In 7 Playtests we had with up to 26 players Warbell provided us with an amazingly captivating gameflow, and real fun games.
The stages are defendable, but with a balance that allows attackers to overcome the defense in some waves.
Its plays very good with 10-18 players, and becomes happy large-scale fraggin with 20 and more players. 

B - General info, credits, acknowledgements

>>> Contents of the zipfile
In this zipfile you find
- the readme
- the map (warbell.pk3 >> put it into etmain-folder)
- the shader for the commandmap icons
  (warbell_etproonly.pk3 >> put it into ETPRO-folder)

>>> About the map
Map: Warbell
pk3: warbell.pk3
mapped by ]UBC[ McNite & ]UBC[ Kach-->
first day of mapping: sometime in the fall of 2005
All credits for gamelayout and objectives go to ]UBC[ McNite!
day of release: July 18th 2006

>>> credit for models
excellent Book of Death and Warbell model by EB
awesome DT Opelblitz model by Detoeni

>>> credit for paintings
2 original paintings in the map by ]UBC[ Kach--> (more paintings viewable at warrenkachmar.ca)

wb_p/wb_rubens1 // Pieter Paul Rubens (1619) Christ on the Cross between 2 Thieves
wb_p/wb_rubens2 // Pieter Paul Rubens (1632) Last Supper

wb_sfx/prayinghint // Albrecht Dürer: praying hands

wb_p/wb_stmartin // unknown Hungarian master, app. 1490: St Martin and the Beggar
St. Martin is the Saint for the soldiers. Find more info about him here:

>>> credit for waterworks & shaders
real cool watershaders and river created by carnage
initial help with alphablend shaders by: Der'Saidin

>>> credit for textures and sounds
wb_z: all textures from RtCW apart from cryptwall_01a.jpg, cathedrale_c06dm_wb.jpg
wb_sfx/c_flameX.tga: from RtCW
wb_b/window4: all versions are reworks of a RtCW window
wb_sfx: g1 - g13, glow, bd1 - 13 by EB (they are all used on the open book)
for detailed credits on the sounds check the warbellsounds.txt

C - Installing & playing the map, known bugs, recommendations for servers

>>> To play the map on a server
1.) put the warbell.pk3 into your etmain folder
2.) put the warbell_etpro.pk3 into your ETPRO folder
3.) run ET
4.) join the server
5.) have FUN!

>>> To play the map alone
1.) put the pk3 into your etmain folder
2.) run ET
3.) go to HOST GAME
4.) set it to STOPWATCH
5.) choose "Warbell" from the list of the maps
6.) start and have a look around
In case you can't see the map you might be having too many .pk3-files 
in your etmain-folder and need to delete some.

>>> Known Bugs & issues
- none (that we know of...)

>>> gametypes available
Stopwatch, Campaign, Objective (no LMS)

>>> playerloads
This map is well playable for 8 and more players and is best playable with medium
playerloads (12-18 players). Its is also a challenging map for 6on6.
We had excessive playtests with up to 26 players... messy but a lot of fun.
No idea what the maximum playerloads are but at some point it will be just one massive frag fest.

>>> spawntime and mapduration
Allies: 20 secs (defending)
Axis: 15 secs (attacking)
mapduration: 18 mins

>>> gameplay and balance
This map was designed for stopwatch, but of course plays well in any campaign too.
It is very balanced with a slight advantage for attackers (Axis).


my clan for tons of good times playing ET and TheRiverIIRedux
Kach--> for mapping with me
$taTiK for feedback on gameplay and design whenever i needed some

McNite for teaching me about mapping and allowing me to participate in the process
Everyone that took the time and energy to help test and provide feedback during development of Warbell

>>> Help with mapping and the whole mess:
Der'Saidin for lots of discussion on gameplay and objectives
all the helpful ppl that answered my posts on www.splashdamage.com

>>> playtesting and feedback
a HUGE credit for all the playtesting goes to the clans
]UBC[ (www.ubcclan.com)
M8D (http://www.m8d.org/index.php)
=FBF= (http://forums.fearedbyfew.com/)
-=B|D=- (http://www.bd-clan.info/)

the coordinators in particular:
M8D DrStock, =FBF= Pax, -=B|D=- Schlauch and -=B|D=- Welshboy

also special thanks to the M8Ds for providing us with a special Warbell playtest TS-channel

and all the players who participated in one or more of the 7 private playtests


Copyright © 2006 Matthias "McNite" Neiss all rights reserved

This level may be electronically distributed only at 
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state. It must
include this .txt file.
NOBODY is allowed to 
a) decompile this map 
b) modify this map or parts (= .script too) of it in ANY way without prior written permission
c) distribute this map on CD-ROM or any other media without prior written permission
d) use any custom textures/ sounds/ brushwork of this map without prior written permission.
By saving this map on your harddisk/webspace/whatever-storage-from you accept these conditions.

contact: Mc[email protected]


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