Wodanfires Assault

The mighty Axis have stolen the Secret Wodanfire Documents from the Allies. The Axis must protect the Documents from Allied attempts to reco...


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The mighty Axis have stolen the Secret Wodanfire Documents from the Allies. The Axis must protect the Documents from Allied attempts to recover them.

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Wodanfires Assault 2 changelog

Remodified WodanfiresAssault_2.pk3 June.20.2007 @ 17.1 mb's

Public Release Date: Sep.14.2007

President: Wodan

VP/Concept changes: Nick Rapidfire

Editor of redesign: Tim =WF= Pigg

Website: www.Wodanfire.com


Allies command post has been moved to the trenches just 100 feet from the main 
bunker, Where there is an ammo and health cabinet. Of course, the Allies will have 
to destroy the bunker door first to get to it. There is new artwork that carries
the Wodanfire =WF= Logo that is not a breakable located in the main ground bunker
and in the Axis top floor open spawn. The logo also reads our website, 
www.Wodanfire.com. There is also a smaller logo showing the =WF= Clan tag along 
with the website address traveling up from the trenches to the second floor. 
Mortars blow up the beach in 6 random spots just like the original ET Beach does. 
A small detail of fog has been removed for better sniping distance visibility.

There are plans for a future Wodanfires Assault 3 that will add a twist, if I can 
get =WF= Pigg (Tim) away from his blonde lady and his job :D My idea was to create
a construction elevator behind the main bunker to the height of Axis top floor 
spawn. Onece up there, a two way ramp scaffold, one to blow a hole in the wall to 
the door frame outside the Axis command post. I would like a door placed there. The
othe ramp scaffold would go to the radar up top for the Allies to destroy. 

For servers that DONT allow spawn camping and spawn killing, I would advise having 
Axis stay away from passing the second barbed wire on the beach before the seawall
or the bunker door are both destroyed. Once the Stairwell door is destroyed, the 
Allies take control of the main bunker, whereas Axis are allowed totally on the 
beach. Open Spawns like the top floor Axis Spawn and the Allied controlled main 
bunker Spawn, can tempt players to camp directly. I would advise that it would be 
best to not direct spawn camp inside or close to those doors that lead to their 
spawns after the Stairwell door is destroyed. Only fair to all. And Yes its not 
spawn killing for an Axis player to kill Allies viewing them from afar inside the
Allied main bunker, whether Panzer or MP40. I would advise an Axis flamer to steer
clear of the long flame trail that would lead into the Allied main bunker here.

Special Thanks to Wodan, for being the biggest ET Fan that I know.
Thanks to Jappy, Thunder, Pringlemonster, Razr, and all the WF Members for making
this a great summer of 2007 playing the Wodanfire Servers testing this map to 
its limits. Thanks to all the players that said this map rocks and also to the others
that said it sucs but they still come to play LOL

Enjoy the new updates .....
Any thoughts, please email me nickyrapidfire@hotmail.com 
At www.Wodanfire.com, you may also private message Pigg, if you have any questions

On behalf of Wodan and myself, Nick Rapidfire ... GOOD GAME and ENJOY!

Remodified version of ET_Beach
Edited and redesigned by =WF= Piggy [oink oink]:)
for the Wodanfire Clan, its Servers, and the general ET Public
Website is www.Wodanfire.com and groups.msn.com/rulesforums
Special Thanks to =WF= WoDanFire by =WF= Pigg [oink oink]:)
Date:  AUG.09.2006



AXIS Defend with Multiple MG-Nests; Build AXIS Command Post.

ALLIES Assault: Destroy West Bunker Door, East Seawall, Seawall Stairway Door

West Bunker becomes Allies only when the Seawall Stairway Door is destroyed.

Obective for allies is to take back the secret wodanfire documents. 
The dox are laid on the table in the axis chambers below ground. 
Allies are to blow up the stairwell door to gain entrance down below or secretly 
send a uniformed covert through the axis spawn doorway to get 
down below to take the dox. Allies should bring the dox to the east side radio 
transmitter on the beach.


The Attack of Wodanfires Secret Documents Written By =WF= Rapidfire(c)2006
   It was the return to Normandy, at the north coast of France, where the 
Wodanfire Forces gathered for a World Council Meeeting for tactical strategic 
warfare. It was the eve of disaster that was about to occur. It would unfold in 
dramatic fashion. The Wodanfire Forces had just won a straight victory of a battle 
that lasted several months, ending the year with a glorious victory. It was 
New Years Eve. Earlier that day, the Council was curious to see the plans that 
Wodan had drawn up with Rapid and Jappy. RaZR, the sharp quick-witted Prime Minister, 
declared a time of celebration. The troops rejoined after this meeting of the minds 
to bring in the new year. Little did they know from intelligience, that someone was 
about to crash their party. 
   She was evil and a double agent with a sting that would put venom in your veins. 
Layla thought if she could dig her nails deep enough, she could infiltrate the 
largest organized fighting force in the world. She was drabbed in desert fatigues 
wearing her hair up in a black beret cap which showed a little scorpion on the front 
of it. Her physique would bring a man to his knees. She was robust and a strong 
individual with clout and magnetic eyes. She walked to the floor that was guarded 
at the main entrance of this large summit convention center and showed her credentials. 
She passed through with no interference from the guards. Across the floor she walked 
to find the sign that said, "Wodan's New Years Festivities". The sounds of laughter 
became louder. She followed the path inside to the end to see this huge banquet hall 
where many were drinking, eating, and talking. Some were even singing. Her eyes gazed 
quickly to pick out all the leaders from every division. Her agenda? To steal the 
Wodanfire Secret Documents!
   She walked over to the table where Wodan, Rapid, RaZr, Middel, and Jappy sat 
chanting a song they all shared before on the battlefield, "My buddy lives over the 
ocean! OH! OH! <HICCUP>bring all my buddies to me!&quot;. They would change the words in 
the song several times to include the other leaders countries. To the left of that 
table was Finland leader Draco. He was reviewing some notes on his palm pilot, while 
Lolus, the Euro leader, sat close by, kissing his female partner in a drunken frenzy. 
It was then that Rapid looked at Layla with a glare asking himself, &quot;Why is she acting 
unusual tonight? Very mysterious.&quot; He gazed at her a few seconds til a slap on the 
shoulder came from his right which was Wodan, &quot;Rapid my friend!! Drink nog meer wijn. 
Dit is goed spul!&quot; Rapid laughed and said &quot;Sure! Huh? Wodan replied, &quot;This means in 
Dutch to drink some more wine. This is good stuff!&quot;. Wodan stood up, everyone followed 
standing up holding their drinks. &quot;A toast to the future of our friends! We have fought 
long and hard! Happy New Year and here's to you all! ... The Friends of Wodanfire!&quot; 
   Layla gazed with an evil eye of jealousy as she raised her glass with a heart ready 
to deceive. Her lure pulled RaZR away from the table as she put her arms around him 
squeezing his butt and dropping a substance into his drink at the same time. Of course 
RaZR didnt see this. RaZR asked her, &quot;Why do all the women grab me like that when they 
can have more power from older men like Rapid and Wodan?&quot; She winked at him with a smirk. 
Layla looked over RaZR's shoulder as she pushed away from him. Wodan had taken a private 
call walking away holding his cell-phone while placing the wine glass down next to the 
secret documents. RaZR picked them up immediately while taking another swigg of his wine. 
Wodan was recieving a message from the CIA operative in Washington, DC. It was Agent Lobo 
describing an attempt to steal the documents saying, &quot;Layla the Scorpion!&quot; Wodan showed 
disgust on his face as he heard this turning to his left looking back at his table from 
a room just outside the banquet hall. Then a burst of smoke erupted from under each table. 
It was sleeping gas. RaZR was too weak to hold the grasp of the documents as the banquet 
hall was filling with smoke. Layla placed a three minute oxygen breathing tube to her 
mouth that she took from inside her shirt. She clutched hard to the documents as another 
burst of smoke descended from the ceiling very swiftly. 
   Wodan dropped his cellphone knowing that something was happening and grabbed a 
handkerchief from his pocket to cover his mouth and nostrils. He started jolting on his 
feet following the figure of Layla. A huge pane window shattered from a blast just seconds 
before Layla was to jump through it. Rapid was close behind Wodan pursuing the scream he 
had heard. &quot;The Documents! Get The Documents!&quot; RaZR had collapsed in his chair from the 
ensuring sleepy substance. Many had fallen asleep from the gas. Layla jumped through the 
large window frame into the grass some eight feet below. A black Lamborghini waiting with 
its passenger door ajar had been just outside the complex some two hundred fifty feet away. 
Wodan was running hard as Rapid followed not far behind him. A sleepy eyed Jappy and Draco 
tried to catch up. Wodan jumped the window frame into the ground below as Rapid tripped 
himself up and fell just before the huge window frame that exited the banquet hall, watching 
Wodan run towards Layla heading for the gate getaway. Guards opened fire with thompsons 
from atop the roof towers of the convention center. They fired in front of the charging 
Wodan, trying to hit Layla making her escape. You can hear the sounds of repeated thumps 
on the soil from his feet. Layla leeped into the getaway vehicle as the black Lamborghini 
screeched its tires. Wodan stood eyeing the black smoke disappear with his papers. An out 
of breathe Rapid caught up with Wodan, &quot;Damn women!&quot; Wodan panting for air exclaimed, 
&quot;Our day will come my friend. We will have our day once again soon. We will survive.&quot;

7 Months later...

   It was an eerie, thunderous, and damp night when the Wodanfire Forces landed on one 
of the island beaches of Rugen, by the northeastern coast of Germany. The Axis had 
captured these very important documents months before the invasion that was about to 
take place. Wodan was at his headquarters back in Holland. The troops would launch from 
the USS Heineken Destroyer off shore out at sea. Over the ships intercom, Wodan briefed 
the troops that would launch his fighting force on the island of Castle Wolfenstein. 
The fireteams readied themselves in amphibious landing crafts. The troops were dressed 
in covert op and navy seal outfits armed to the teeth with bowie knives and night vision
headgears. They were all dressed in black. Panzers were loaded for taking out defenders 
in their bunkers while two flamer soldiers would charcoal broil any Axis soldiers hidden 
in bunker rooms. 

   Rapid gave the call through the fireteam headsets, &quot;Lets go!&quot; This action was to commence 
the operation called &quot;Wodanfires Assault&quot;. The crafts were launched from one thousand yards 
out at sea. The mirky waters of the night slapped the front of the three crafts as they picked 
up a steady speed. You can hear the thunder roar and the lightning flash in the night sky. 
From the crafts, the soldiers can see some lights up ahead as the shoreline grew closer.

   The troops were gathered in fireteams led by Generals Jappy, Rapidfire, and RaZR. 
Fireteam Bravo, led by Rapidfire, consisted of AGA, Arrow, Daccer, Duckroy, Nightfall, Pigg, 
SirLubin, Suppush, Devoted, Atlas, UberSoldat, Danskie, and Thunderbird. Bravo attacked the 
beach on the east side of the shore to construct the command post. The waters were even 
rougher now for the landing vehicles as fireteams Alpha and Charlie slammed into the west 
beach shore. The amphibious craft doors rocked open with a thud. Then from its bowels emerged 
RaZR holding a shortwave radio walkie talkie speaking into it quietly he said, &quot;kan wodan 
u me horen? kom binnen? De adelaars zijn geland&quot;, interpreted as &quot;Wodan can you hear me? 
come in? The eagles have landed&quot;. Wodanfire replied, &quot;Affirmative! Return my documents and 
bring them to me!&quot; &quot;Yes sir!&quot;, replied an obedient RaZr as Rapid listened in he remarked to 
Wodan, &quot;Where there is fire, there is smoke! We will burn the bastard pigs!&quot; 

   Jappy dodged out into the sand gravel beach towards the west side of the shore running 
around the left of some barbed wire towards the West Bunker steel door with his Alpha Fireteam 
leading the main charge. It was Engineer Vuurhoofd who planted the dynamite. Jappy's Alpha 
team consisted of Freedom, Fear, Middel, Paranoide, PistolD, Roberto, Tha_Devil, TheSaint, 
Toolman, and Vuurhoofd. RaZR Assaulted the Battery Seawall to the east inland as his Engineer 
Hartska laid the blast. They armed the dynamite simultaneously from both sides. RaZR had the 
largest assault squad of twenty-one men and one woman, who were named Draco, Lolus, Hartska, 
Kaloenneli, BureZero, Blackhalo, Bo, Koratan, MadSnake, Otto, Claw, Leechmaster, Arska, 
WarMAster, Nikke, OonSuomesta, Muumi, Mizku, Chokolate, Temek, BruceUlldog, and Jenny. 
Five seconds before the blast, mortarman BureZero, supplied by Field Ops Mad_Snake, fired a 
melee of salvos into the Axis stronghold bunkers. The precision was on target. Panzer Soldiers 
OonSuomesta, Chokolate, and Mizku, fired their hits into the West Bunker and the other hightop 
Axis MG-bunkers.

   Rapid's Fireteam Bravo had built the command post and was commencing the assault to support 
RaZR's Fireteam Charlie as Jappys squad watched the explosion from some distance of the West 
Bunker door some thirty seconds later. Sirens started wailing! The Axis had awakened! &quot;Lets go! 
Lets go! Vee are under zee tack! Move!&quot; The Axis were on alert now moving to their stations. 
Jappy and his battalion had stormed taking over possession of the West Bunker. Leading past the 
West Bunker was a few steps to the foxhole trench that led to an ammo and health room not more 
than fifty feet off. Jappy's squad would turn left as an Axis soldier fell dead dripping blood 
from a slit in his neck. Another Axis soldier looked to reach for his mp40 as another knife slit 
his throat from behind. It was Engineer Pigg that traveled to the center to arm dynamite uder 
the Axis spawn window overlooking the ammo foxhole shed. Prior to this, Covert Saint stormed 
the topside wall over the battered Axis spawn with a grappling hook with Medic Middel to deter 
any defense that would hurt the Alpha Teams assault. The brave, quick thinking attack, protected 
Jappy and his sqaud in the beginning of this assault on the west side. They moved around the 
back of the West Bunker along the damp ground to turn right to a waiting MG-nest inside the 
doorway. An Alpha panzer opened fire killing the Axis MG soldier. 

   By this time, a third explosion satchel charge had gone off, as Rapid took Fireteam Bravo 
into a charge past the broken seawall behind RaZR's fireteam. The satchel charge blew out an 
enemy MG-gun mounted to the left of the ladder, off the edge of the east gun bunker window 
heading up that bunker wall. More Axis soldiers were stationing themselves in their bunker 
hideaways from below. Soldier Flamer Daccer jumped into the broken wall storming up the stairs 
that led up to the Axis ammo and health bunker doorway, flame broiling some Axis soldiers trying 
to exit. Medic's AGA, Arrow, and Kalonneli, opened fire at the Axis soldiers up at the top 
doorway walk grate. Bravo had commenced up the ladder passing the MG-nest taking out three Axis 
soldiers with their thompsons. Field Ops Freedom was resupplying his squad. The dynamite was 
being placed at the stairwell door by Engineer Leechmaster, that led down to the suspected place 
where the Wodanfire Documents were being kept. A large explosion destroyed the door frame in the 
blast. Medic PistolD, on offense, chucked a grenade down the stairwell exploding with a burst of 
screams injuring and killing about five Axis soldiers. The mayhem ensued as Rapid's fireteam 
moved quickly to the sleeping bunkers of the enemy down below. Several were caught reaching for 
shoes and clothing waking to the fire of thompsons clattering their deadly night. The blood 
splattering walls would tell a tale forever. Flamers broiled their dead corpses. Flamer Daccer 
and Medic Thunderbird traveled along. Covert Nightfall threw a smoke grenade into the hallway 
that led to the Axis council room. The smoke filled the air with no vision for escaping enemy 
soldiers. Each one was picked off with knives as they fell to the cold ground in their chambers. 
A few Axis soldiers received a deadly dose of poisonous needles from the Bravo Medics. RaZr's 
Charlie Team retreated to lay explosions around the structures of the fortress, while others 
were outside the fortress defending its ground that was taken by the Alpha and Bravo Fireteams.

   On the west assault side, Jappy had progressed with Fireteam Alpha taking them up a set of 
stairs through a square gunhole. Up they climbed a ladder past the Axis command post as Covert 
Ops Lolus satcheled their communications further inside to another room. The Panzers by the 
Finland force had missed the destruction of the Axis communications. Fear and Toolman gibbed 
the remaining life out of four injured Axis soldiers that were caught in the opening mortar 
and panzer barrage. The Alpha Team stormed down the the stairs that would lead to the documents 
that were stolen months before. Both Fireteams had entered the Axis council room at the same time. 
They looked on as Jappy and Rapid caught each others eyes from both sides of the room. It was 
now a quieter atmosphere of relief. On the table that was black from the clearing chamber smoke, 
they saw the winged emblem papers laying untouched and unscorched. Rapid picked them up and handed 
them to Jappy. Jappy called on the headset saying, &quot;RaZR! Can you hear me? We have the Wodanfire 
Documents!&quot; RaZR repled, &quot;Affirmative! I will radio Wodan that the Assault has been successful!&quot; 
Rapid spoke, &quot;We are coming up! Get the path to the transmitters secure!&quot; &quot;Path Cleared!&quot;, 
responded RaZR's Charlie Fireteam sounding off together. Covert Ops Blackhalo ran to the Radio 
Transmitter at the Command Post on the east side. He handed the papers to RaZR waiting and the 
documents were transmitted to Wodan waiting at his headquarters.

   The troops gathered atop the fortress looking out at sea watching the USS Heineken sail closer 
towards the shore. It was a new day as they gasped for air. The sun was rising in the distance. 
Off the wall to the rear of the Axis ammo and health room of the second level, is a dark dead 
ended hall. The troops just came down from the topside stairwell exit, to stop at the stairs 
that led down to the East Seawall that had been dynamited earlier. They looked over at Medic 
Jenny. She had gone off by herself because she had heard a sound. It was a sound of someone 
trying to cough quietly, hiding in the wall panel that was large enough to hold a person. She 
opened the steel panel and inside was Layla. Medic Jenny peeled her out with a strong tug til 
Layla dropped out onto the floor. Jenny dragged her into the early morning sunlight underneath 
the Axis camouflage netting. She asked her, &quot;Do you have anything to say for betraying us?&quot; 
Layla spit at Jenny. &quot;Why would you do this to us?&quot;, Jenny asked as Rapid and Jappy looked on 
as she wiped the spit off her face. Layla retorted, &quot;I wanted the Wodanfire Force destroyed!&quot; 
Jenny replied, &quot;What you did was make us stronger you damn bitch!&quot; Jenny reached into her medic 
pouch and pulled out a poison needle and injected Layla in her neck saying, &quot;You will never see 
another day to attack us this way! I am sending you to meet your helldog buddies. Goodbye!&quot; Layla 
turned her head and died. The forces returned to the crafts that took them to the waiting Destroyer. 
Watching from the distance, they saw the rocking explosion shatter from within the Island of Castle 
Wolfenstein. The island was destroyed and ignited by a small timed non-nuclear device so powerful 
that stones were dropping into the sea three miles away. 

   Will the Wodanfire Forces gather themselves to fight more terror? Can the Allies turn the 
tides of more espionage? What will the future hold for these fighting men? Only time .... will tell!


Visit www.wodanfire.com

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