Wolken 6

Allied forces are preparing to launch a major attack on one of the 3 Portal sites that are located within Wolken, currently under Axis occup...


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Allied forces are preparing to launch a major attack on one of the 3 Portal sites that are located within Wolken, currently under Axis occupance. In order to succeed they must first knock out the reinforced anti-tank gun. Under the cover of darkness Allied engineers where able to construct a special explosive device in order to do this, but the Axis managed to stop them arming it. Now Allies must find a way of getting the deivce operatioal again and blow the antitank gun in order to gain control of the site.

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Author:      Chris Turner (chr1s)
Email:       turnerc03@hotmail.com
Map name:    Battle of Wolken6 (Portal)
Map version: Beta 1

These maps are set in the vast land of Wolken, the soldiers 
were dumped in this mysterious land after an incident during 
an Allied investigation into the production of experimental 
technologies by Axis forces. Firstly equipment and weapons 
vanished into thin air, then vehicles started to disappear 
and finally the soldiers themselves vanished, all of which 
were deposited in what was named Wolken by the German soldiers, 
this name was also adopted by the Allies.

Wolken is made up of various islands and each island may have 
a different climate of it's neighboring islands, making Wolken 
a strange place to live and fight in. However these islands 
aren't floating around in some grand sea, oh no, they are 
floating in what seems to be clouds but it was soon found out
that these clouds are dangerous as there is immense pressure
contained beneath the surface that can crush a man as one 
unlucky pilot found out. Amungst the many mysteries of Wolken
is what happened to the people that once lived in this land 
who built the vast structures and towns that occupy the islands.

***MAP INFO***


1) Capture the Forward Bunker.
2) Destroy the Main Entrance.
3) Destroy the Side Entrance.
4) Build the Command Post and Prevent Axis doing the same.
5) Capture the Explosives and plant them at the Explosives Device.
6) Steal the Keycard in order to arm the Explosive Device.

1) Defend the forward bunker.
2) Defend the Main Entrance.
3) Defend the Side Entrance.
4) Build the Command Post and Prevent Allies doing the same.
5) Defend the Explosives from Allies troops.
6) Prevent the Allies from taking the Keycard to the Explosive Device.


Beta version, anything that needs changing just address the changes to 
the email above and ill get it done before next version.


*Beta 1:

  Added team door above side entrance

  Door bug at main fixed (hopefully)

  Added voice announcements for flag
  captures and entrances destructions.

  Extended rim around temple spawn
  balcony to remove easy MG possition.

  Wall from main to side on last stage
  altered to close the area a bit.

  Main entrance building extended into
  hill side by the 3 houses on the West.

  Flag pole stand altered to prevent 
  unwanted bouncing away from flag
  when trying to capture it.

  Sandbag possitions added along main

  Some roofs have been better clipped
  to prevent problamatic camping.


Dooc clan
m8d clan
#xfire-project play tests


Some signs were made using Ifurita's blank sign collections.

Other signs made by myself using ET textures and editor images.

Master Sword taken from Commander Link's JK3 weapon mod.

Hylian Shield from Twilight Princess.

Barrel models made by Rayban

Halftrack model made by Detoeni


Burniole for the grand command map.


Map intended for 6v6 competitive play although this is
first public version so suitability for such play may 
need looking at still.

Any suggestions please feal free to email me.

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