X-Dam Complex

Map Description The Axis have started to build a new X-Lab facility in an old factory near an...


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File Description

Map Description The Axis have started to build a new X-Lab facility in an old factory near an old water dam. Allied forces has came across this information and are now planning an attack with the mission to destroy the X-Lab and eliminate all Axis forces they come across. It is a dangerous mission and there is a need for some good strategy from both forces.

Map Objectives

Allied objectives:
  • Destroy the service area garage door
  • Destroy the upper dam wall (this wall can be constructed by an Axis engineer)
  • Destroy the X-Lab


  • Build the lower dam MG42 nest.
  • Construct the Command Post.
  • Capture service area spawn.
  • Go covert op and go thru the Axis door in service area

Axis Objectives:
  • Defend the service area garage door.
  • Construct the upper dam wall to stop/slow down the allied attack.
  • Defend the X-Lab


  • Build the upper dam balcony MG42.
  • Build the upper dam MG42 nest.
  • Capture the service area spawn.

Installation Unzip the xdam.pk3 file and put it in your etmain directory. The mapname is xdam if you want to add it to any script.

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Download 'xdam.zip' (4.06MB)

Basic information
Author: SteelRat & Ringa
E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage: www.srcgaming.com
IRC #srcgaming @ quakenet

Map information
Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
Long name: X-Dam Complex
Short name: xdam
Release date: 2003-11-14
Map time: 20 minutes

Special thanks

Thanks to Drakir for the prefab for Ammo and health cabinets and the forward spawn.
Thanks to SplashDamage for their mapping documentation and their support in the mapping forum.

Copyright Ā© 2003 SteelRat & Ringa all rights reserved.
You may electronically distribute this file freely as long as this readme file is included and that no fee is payed by the reciever.
You may NOT distribute this package on CD-ROM, or any other media, without my notification and written permission.

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