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| readme - xlr_axisNallies.txt | |installation| place the pk3(s) in your etmain folder (the same folder youll find pak0.pk3) and make sure you have sv_allowdownload set to 1 if your server is pure (should be). if your server is running low on bandwidth then you can setup http redirection, place your custom pk3's (these and any others you might have) on a public acessable webserver and change your server config to resemble that fact. more info can be found in the ET manual. if you havent read it, you should. it can be found in your enemy territory install dir @ /docs/help/tech help/information/server setup.htm

| readme - xlr_axisNallies.txt | |information| all of this package is custom textures. there fortunatly wasnt any models for me to edit this time. brief list of what is contained in each file -xlr_commandpost.pk3 = custom command post axis/allies/neutral decals -xlr_constructable.pk3 = custom buildable objective flags, and new crate decals -xlr_limbo.pk3 = slight changes to the limbo menu to reflect more of an axis vs allies look -xlr_waypoints.pk3 = custom textures for the flags at captured spawn points im not sure if there is really anymore to do, if there is itll be new skins all around and thats not a week task (at least for me) and the pak's will prolley end up being big. maybe to big to warrant people installing them on servers. so for right now this is it i hope you like them. ive left them in seperate pk3's as some server admins might not want to load, say, the command post logo's, or whatever.. and some servers might be really hard pressed for bandwidth, and a full 1 meg d/l might be too much for some of them. not everyone has remote www hosting, and belive it or not some people dont RTFM and dont even know they can redirect to www for downloads. these pk3's together with my xlr_mineflags.pk3 changes just about every axis and allies flag or emblem to a more realstic flag similar to that you would have found in that era.

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| readme - xlr_axisNallies.txt |
|        contact me          |
you can find me as "xlr8shun" or some derivative thereof (xlr8shun`,
xlr8shun^, etc) on irc, efnet, etg, or gamesnet if you have questions. 
email: xlr8shun@hotmail.com
| readme - xlr_axisNallies.txt |
|        legal info          |
developers may use these in their works, as long as this readme is
included and credit is given where credit is due (i did)
this pk3 may be redistrubted in its original, unchanged condition
in the form of any media necessary. this pk3 contents may not be repackaged,
however the pk3 itself may be zipped, rared, aced, gzipped, tarred,
etc and redistrubuted as the user wishes. if the pk3 gets repackaged then 
you have multiple copies of the same thing floating around that may look
the same to you and me, but the quake3 engine (engine et is built from) 
sees the file as different (different crc) and this will make people
download the file again. keep it simple and just leave the pk3 alone pls.
also it should go without saying, but do not rename this pk3, as it will
not only create alot of dupicates around the web, but also depending on the 
name get loaded before the main pk3's resulting in the engine 'overwriting'
the customized flags and models with different ones. leave the pk3 alone pls.
| readme - xlr_axisNallies.txt |
|         credits            |
-textures were made by me with the help of visual refrences via google and
photoshop 7. 
photoshop: http://www.adobe.com
thanks to the above people/groups for their work for which if wasnt available
would have either made my job much tougher, or impossible

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