Twilight of Our Existence 2



The Russians nearly outnumber the Americans 2:1. Yet this mod is fairly balanced considering this. The nukes r twice as big and vastly improved from the last version. Almost all units were tweaked. Air will be dominant especially on the American and Nato side. However the Hind can now carry a squad. All medium choppers now have rockets. HAA and MAA's range was increased to counter the vast improvements in choppers. Tanks as a whole have more firepower and the 50 cal's on them had their range doubled and can effectively auto target infantry and choppers. Infantry squads have been revamped from the last version. Though the infantry squads have improved and have good AT abilities the Medium and Heavy Tanks special ability weapons have been improved to counter infantry's improvement. As a whole the American and Nato forces have better armor, accuracy, firepower, range, and can gain experience much faster to gain promotions. There are few examples of Nato or American forces being twice as good on these values, but they still hold their own. TA has been revamped and improved. If your computer crashes or in anyway gets harmed when more than one Nuke is launched, I am not liable if you install this mod.


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