World in Conflict v1.003 English Patch

Massive has released a v1.003 patch for World of Conflict that mainly adds balancing, bug fixes and multiplayer features.

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Massive has released a v1.003 patch for World of Conflict that mainly adds balancing, bug fixes and multiplayer features.

World in Conflict Update #003

New features:

- Command Points on Assault maps will now spawn with fortifications (to prevent steamrolling). - Players that get disconnected during a clan match will now be able to re-connect to the match either by clicking Join Same Server on a clanmate or by clicking the Join Last Server Played button. - It is now possible to move the Drop Zone directly after the plane has delivered the units. - Clan leaders and officers are now be able to send Mass-IM's to their clan mates. - Servers can now be administered remotely. - Added enhanced functionality to Replays: Play, Stop and Fast forward buttons added. - Added the option to wait in line to join a server that is currently full in Massgate. - Added the possibility to hide the Score Sheet and move the camera at the end of matches. - Added functionality for dedicated servers to have a banner and a welcome text. - Added option to give contextual orders (repair, enter unit) by right-clicking the unit icons at the bottom of the screen. - Added ability to ignore players in Massgate by right clicking and choosing Ignore. - Added slider to control the volume threshold for voice activated VoIP. - Added sliders in Options to change the size of unit icons in the world and in the icon bar. - Added options to remove all posts by a specific user in the guestbook. - Added Stop Spectating button to Spectating Mode. - Added ability to select newly delivered units (default Shift + Space). - Added Connect to IP ability for LAN play. - Added support for different resolutions on each screen in Dual screen mode. - IM's from people not in the contact list will now be displayed in the top of the contact list. - Added option to turn off Wi-Fi strength and battery level indicators.

Units and balancing:

- Napalm now does some burn damage over time to buildings as well as units. - Trimmed drag selection for infantry to focus on unit icons instead of soldiers. - Changed so that just one movement marker is displayed for infantry squads. - Infantry selection rings will now show on mouse over. - Orders to use Sprint, Smoke Screen and Flares defensive special abilities will now be given to all selected units with the ability, not just to units of the selected type. - Tweaked the hitboxes for all Medium Attack Helicopters to make them more balanced. - The Daisy Cutter TA animation is now visible for opponents for a much shorter time. - Movement speed for Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle and Repair Tank was reduced slightly. - Decreased direct damage and armor piercing from USSR Heavy Artillery. - Increased recharge time for Medium Artillery special ability by 50%. - Tweaked initial deployment field for attackers on as_Airbase. - Tweaked deployment fields for both factions on do_Farmland. - Tweaked deployment fields for both factions on do_Riverbed. - Tactical Nuke now destroys bridges in a slightly larger radius.

Bug fixes:

- Custom player color should now show on the minimap. - Custom player color should now stay after a map cycle. - The map list in the Create Server screen is now sorted alphabetically. - Fixed a graphics bug (sometimes resulting in freeze/crash) that occurred when running single player cut-scenes and using resolutions with aspect ratio higher than 16:9. - Fixed a bug that made the camera face the wrong way in "Assault mode". - Fixed a bug where units would not connect to the ground inside craters. - Fixed a bug where units would refuse to fire on units inside craters. - Re-supply button should now work on multiple squads. - Fixed a bug with Offensive Special Abilities mouse pointer. - Fixed a bug that sometimes spawned enemy fortifications in friendly Command Points. - The Top Role section in the score sheets now includes TA score accumulated during the round. - Trimmed tank accuracy and auto acquire while moving. - Fixed path-blocker in North Hill perimeter point on do_Christmas. - Line Of Fire feedback (default ALT key) should now work on houses too. - Accepting a TA request should no longer deselect units. - Forest bonus icon for infantry should now only show when the whole squad is protected. - Enhanced support for Matrox TripleHead2Go :

--- Should now detect & use resolutions with aspect ratio equal to or above 3:1 on first start. --- Players can now use resolutions with aspect ratio below 3:1 with TripleHead2Go active without getting the GUI stretched. --- Combat GUI will now be rendered on the middle screen. This can be disabled with the command line flag "-dontcentergui".

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Download 'wic_update_en_1000_1003.exe' (44.68MB)

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