Spooks 1 - Destro PvP Video

Spooks 1.wmv


Uploader Disclaimer:- I dont own this movie nor I'm the maker of it i just re-upload iti've tried to get in contact to the uploader to get permission to re-uploadbut unfortunatly i couldnt do so if the author wanted me to remove the video ill do so.Original video post :- http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=86097Disclaimer:"THIS MOVIE IS MADE PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES"Frist of all, I apologize for not having "sounds" in the HQ stream and I will look into the issue, but it is the WCM staff that uploads it and not me so I hope they get it fixed as soon as possible.Hi, am spooks, and this is my 1st pvp movie.This movie was filmed on Stormscale server under the name Slik, a blood elf warlock (using undead skin).It contains pvp footage of bgs, world pvp, and duels vs great players from "DOOM SQUAD" and "ZOMBIES".Keep in mind that there is "NO ENGINEERING" used by me in this movie although I did pick it up now.You will see me playing Destruction spec as the main spec here and a little of sl/sl, ua and felguard.Ive wanted this movie to be an all spec movie but sadly I play sl/sl 90% of my time because it is the best pvp spec available, however the reason why i chose destrucion as my main spec because it is a lot more entertaining to watch than dot n run / fear / drain fights. I realize I am not the best as destro but I am an experienced pvper and I hope that makes up for my lack of destro experience. Hopefully I will make the change of dropping arena (although i play it for my enjoyment and not rating epeen) and go blow things up in duels and world pvp/bgs as destro full time.I have put a lot of time and effort into the editing here and downloading is the best option really, but you can stream it and see how it goes.I'd rather let you find out the music yourselves once you start watching but the bands used are something like:The Crystal MethodPainAdemaMudvayne(Full music list at the end of the movie)The song playing at Mementos' part is called Entwine - Surrender, forgot to put it in the creditsFor me this movie means a lot as it is my 1st and it will always be something I watch at any time of my life. I mainly posted this movie to achieve a checkpoint for myself and mainly to have something to look back at when I start making other movies and read the feedback of people and improve it from thereDownraters, your welcome to downrate as long as you state your reason. Please none of that YOU OUT GEAR THEM ALL !!!NB ! crap, troll elsewhere plxhope you like it and enjoy.


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