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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hello to all WoWFiles members and guests, I go by the alias Digz and am the vice site manager on the site. Most of you know me on the site for working some spells here under first Momma Dean then Thundgot. Now I'm happy to announce that Kouen is the new site manager and is one of the best managers there is around the network, I have worked under him for UTFiles and he will make this site much better than it was before, and believe I intend to stay with him. I would like to make an announcement on the teams behalf and say the service under the previous management team wasn't the best of quality, I ensure you the new management here will not allow the quality to drop in that fashion and the only way this site is going is up. One of the new features we'll be bringing to the site is a constant update of news from Blizzard, future patch notes and other details, not to mention new files coming to you around the clock. On this point I'd like to mention that to any modders out there please submit your files through the new file submission system as it's so much easier, you can upload the mod, give it your own description and add screenshots so no files can be lost if you submit them! We'll also been trying to make guides for you which wasn't done before and try to give new or even old members some tips and hints to try out in game that could be beneficial to you and your character, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them! On a side note I'd like to justify the news title, it's simply because I'm site admin of LotrFiles and yes we cover Lord of the Rings Online, I though it'd be nice to rub it in that we won nearly almost every award ahead of World of Warcraft. On the other hand to make clear to you all that will not influence anything to do with my work on the site and hopefully we can make this site back to top and to really fulfil the sites potential it had when the site was made. From the WoWFiles Team
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