Activison and Blizzard Entertainment creates Activision Blizzard

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Blizzard Entertainment and Activision have now "joined forces" with creating the BEST games the gaming community will ever see. [quote]Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of Vivendi stated: "This alliance is a major strategic step for Vivendi and is another illustration of our drive to extend our presence in the entertainment sector. By combining Vivendi's games business with Activision, we are creating a worldwide leader in a high-growth industry. We are excited about the opportunities for Activision Blizzard as a broader entertainment software platform. We believe this transaction will create significant value for Activision Blizzard and Vivendi stockholders. In Activision, we have found a partner with a highly complementary business and strong operating team. Bobby Kotick and Brian Kelly are industry pioneers, well known for creating shareholder value. The combined strength of the existing management teams at both companies will set the stage for further profitable growth of Activision Blizzard. We look forward to being an active and supportive majority stockholder in a company that is poised to lead the worldwide interactive entertainment industry in the years ahead."[/quote] [quote] René Penisson, Member of the Management Board of Vivendi and current Chairman of Vivendi Games, added: "We are very confident that by combining forces, Activision Blizzard will set the highest standards in quality, reputation and profitability, and will bring together the best creative teams in the industry. The combination of this unique product portfolio with highly professional employees gives us great confidence in the growth prospects for Activision Blizzard."[/quote] Will this make a whole new world? I heard from a user from [url="http://battle.no"]battle.no[/url] that they should NOT make a game called Call of Warcraft, that would been pretty much to laugh about in my HONEST opinion. I wonder what Activision Blizzard's first game will be? Hmmm...Not do I know but by these two giant gaming companies it SHOULD be a good...Just pray it is NO monthly fee for it D: Visit Activision Blizzard at [url="http://activisionblizzard.com"]ActivisionBlizzard.com[/url] Information first found on: [url="http://battle.no"]Battle.no (Norwegian Gaming Community)[/url]

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