Arrest for Attempt to Lure Teen WoW fan

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]AN AUSTRALIAN woman has been arrested in the US for trying to lure her young internet boyfriend to Australia. It is believed Tamara Broome, 31, might have been set up by the boy's parents. Ms Broome told her housemate they paid for her to travel to the US this week so "they could sort it all out". Instead, Ms Broome was met by three detectives as she tried to board a train near the teenager's home town in North Carolina. She was charged with attempting to abduct a child after a 17-year-old boy was caught trying to board a flight to Australia. Last Saturday she left Australia to meet the teenager, but she is now behind bars at the Pitt County Detention Centre in North Carolina. The university student is said to have begun an intense relationship with the boy, then 16, a year ago through medieval-themed online role-playing game World of Warcraft. It is understood the pair planned to marry. Lt Karen Kilpatrick, of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office major crime unit, said authorities intervened before the pair were able to meet. She said the Adelaide woman flew to the US to bring the boy back to Australia so they could be together. Ms Broome is being held on a $2.35 million bond and faces more than two years' jail if found guilty. Under North Carolina law, an underage minor is 17 years old or younger. Her flatmate, who asked not to be named, said Ms Broome was not trying to kidnap the teenager. "He's the one who wanted to come here," the housemate said, adding that Ms Broome believed the boy's parents had hacked into her email accounts to find out about her. Ms Broome moved to Adelaide after spending some time in Port Pirie, where she worked part-time at Coles. Aleasha Amato, Port Pirie Coles support manager, said Ms Broome moved to the coastal town when her former partner, Jerard Horton, was appointed grocery manager two years ago. "The news of her arrest is shocking," she said. "I could never imagine her doing something like this." A spokeswoman for the Pitt County Detention Centre said Ms Broome was sharing a cell in the 404-bed facility. The Pitt County District Attorney's office said that Ms Broome would appear in court on July 11. Her lawyer, Earl Brown, did not return calls to his office. The Department of Foreign Affairs is seeking more information about the case. [/quote]

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