Be Vigilant While Online Please Stay Safe.

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This post is in relation to the News Post i mae earlier today regarding the 31 Uni-Student in Australia who allegedly Tryed to kidnap a 17 year old boy, by Persuading and enticing him online. Here at WoWfiles.com We thought we would take this oppurtunity to warn you of the potiential dangers of online play, While the majority of WoW players are part of the fun loving inner community that exists between WoW users, there will always be people who are there for other reasons, like Peadophiles. And while Blizzard are very very good at keeping the servers regulated, there are always going to be people like that there. We Would ask you to remember these simple steps and to keep yourselves safe. Remember to Keep all personall Information to yourself (Credit card details, phone number, address) A Blizzard admin will never ask for your password. However if someone else gets access to your WoW Profile they can see your Billing Address. If you are victim to abuse on WoW or Get into an argument it is better just to put the user in your ignore list and Contact a Blizzard admin, And tell them of this players missconduct. Remember its just a game and just because a Players Character is Female you do not know for certain what the sex player is or what there intentions are. Last of All, Have Fun, Enjoy and Stay Safe

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