BETA Spot in The Burning Crusade UPDATED - 31. Oktober

By Thundgot 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Greetings, I have now gotten myself a spot in the Closed BETA of The Burning Crusade, I will try bring information and pictures as Blood Elf, Drenai, and with my main or other chars :) I have not gotten the BETA Key from Blizzard yet so you have to wait, remember that The Burning Crusade will not be released before 15th January as Ronnie said in another News Item! If you got any questions/comments please ask them in "Comments" And for next time, have fun :D UPDATED - 31. Oktober Still no key sent by Blizzard, I will update this the days I got time so no worries, a "UPDATE" mark plus date will se set beside the News when I update it about The Burning Crusade!

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