Blizard adding extra WOW Classic servers to help meet demand

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

WOW Classic has proven to be hugely popular during it's testing phase, so much so that Blizzard warned players to expect "severe queues" when trying to connect to some of the busiest servers.

It seems now they'll be doing some work to try and alleviate that problem - the company will be spinning up two new PvP servers and two additional normal servers to help meet the demand. The new realms will be open for registration at 10am PDT, just five hours from the posting of this article, with the game going live to the public later today at 3pm PDT.

The company have warned players on realms marked "Full" or "High" to consider playing on one of these new realms instead, as this will help avoid long queues and prevent frustration and help spread server load.

The four new realms on these new servers will be Incendius and Bigglesworth for the PvP servers, and Old Blanchy and Westfall for the normal servers. The company have advised players avoid Faerlina, Herod, Mankrik, Pagle, Thalnos and Whitemane if possible as there will likely be severe overcrowding at launch, with the busiest servers projected to have queues for several hours long.

Stay tuned to GameFront for more on the WOW Classic launch as we learn it.


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