Bug in WoW Mounts

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]Getting around in World of Warcraft can be a hassle, even with the additional speed granted by mounts. However, a recent bug can cut that down significantly. If you exit the game while mounted and then log back in, your mount speed increases by about 150% to 200%. Blizzard Poster Cprompt has given word that they are already aware of the bug, but he failed to mention when this will be fixed. A lot of the players (our WoW team included) are hoping that it won't ever be fixed because traveling has never been this easy for a lot of us. This is one of those cases where players are actually happy to have the glitch stick around for as long as possible. Still, it can be expected that Blizzard will be releasing a statement that they didn't intend for the mounts to be that fast and that they'll be working on making it return to normal level. Until that happens though, we're going to be zooming across Azeroth on our hyper-mounts.[/quote]

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