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Published by killzone87 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here a new post i got. Read below, [quote]A few things for you today which you should take note of including Alchemy Elixir changes. In an upcoming patch we will be changing the way elixirs function, allowing a player to only have two elixirs on them at any one time. The change will allow you to use one offensive elixir, and one defensive elixir. All elixirs will be set into one of these two categories. This also means that although elixirs of the same type cannot be used at the same time, they will now stack with class buffs. This change will generally not impact solo players who currently already only use one or two elixirs at a time, but will certainly be a restriction for players who tend to use a lot of elixirs simultaneously. In the case of raid and small group parties the change is a clear benefit. The need for herbs and materials, and thus the strain on a guild or individual alchemist to collect these items is lowered substantially, in combination with the encounters being tuned with the limitation in mind. This change to elixirs and flasks also allows us to improve and expand the alchemy profession in new ways, and removes the need to design and balance encounters around the potential use of all possible elixirs. We’re currently planning to implement this change in a future patch and we’ll release further details as well as information on the new recipes as soon as we’re able. There are additional notes from Blizzard as why these changes are being made on this page. Profession Notes for 2.1 have also been posted but it's a lengthy read so I'll link through to them here to save on the news space here :) Finally another hotfix is live and kicking... All characters that die on the Northwest plateau of Blade’s Edge Mountains will now be sent to the Evergrove graveyard[/quote] Hope you like this.
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