D-Day - ETA 1 Month Plus A Slight Worry

By Digz 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Well Wrath of the Lich King is coming out November 15th, many have pre-ordered, some will go out and buy it from the store, in roughly one month we'll see what WotLK is all about. We know about the new hero class, the increase in the level cap the new quests and areas to explore. WotLK is going to be a game that we will all love because hey.. It's World of Warcraft :D. One question I'd like to propose to you is, is this all you really want? Nothing really brand new has come out of the new expansion pack to add to WoW that could change everything and really create a new breed of gaming and something to set the tone with other mmo's out there. I think there will be another expansion pack come out very near to this, maybe about 2-3 years or even less to combat the free updates done by Turbine for Lord of the Rings Online, they actually release whole changes which they call "Books". Trust me, their changelist and additions in those logs really do need to be called books because they are huge. Turbine are also releasing Mines of Moria expansion pack so it's getting very close in the mmo market these days and Blizzard need to come up with something new to combat LotRO, not forgetting about Guild Wars 2, which is set for release in a year or two with instances and other things nipped from WoW. I'm sure WotLK will be great and we'll all be playing it and loving it just as much as we did TBC and normal WoW, but Blizzard are going to have to think of something to stay at the top!

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