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Evocate is WAI

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Aeus from Blizzard wanted to get this out for all your Mage's out there dealing with mana regeneration.. [quote]Among some of the suggestions we have forwarded was also the question of evocate and basically “what’s up with that?” To answer the question: We feel evocate is working as it is intended: it’s simply highly dependent on how much spirit the mage has. Unfortunately, many mages seem not to like spirit that much and would rather spend their gem slots and enchants on other stats. This is fine, everyone has the freedom to choose what stats they want to focus on. Whereas in the past we forced a lot of spirit onto the mage's tier sets so that they would have good mana regen, to leave more room for flexibility and choice we have replaced a lot of that spirit with gem slots in recent gear. Thanks[/quote]

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