Fan Art Submissions

By Thundgot 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Greetings members and guests of FileFront - WoWFiles, I am proud to introduce that you now can submit your own FAN ART to WoWFiles.com By sending an E-Mail to [b]Thundgot [at] wowfiles [dot] com[/b] with your fan art picture/drawing/painting you can get your own Fan Art on the new page which can be located at the Left Menu. But there are SOME guidelines to be followed, which will be added to the [url="http://wowfiles.com/info/rules"]Rules[/url] page - It must be YOUR OWN creation, no stealing - Must NOT contain p0rn or any bad..."stuff" - You can be anonymous or you can tell your Nickname (Or your own name if you want) Please follow these guidelines :) Best Regards, WoWFiles.com Management

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