Gaming Excellence World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Preview

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[url="http://www.gamingexcellence.com/"]Gaming Excellence[/url] have posted a short preview of the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Here is a short snippet: [quote]So what is offered to devoted players in The Burning Crusade? First and foremost on anyone's list would be the hundreds of hours of new gameplay in a completely new area for high-level characters. This begins with the opening of the Dark Portal from Azeroth to Outland, which will be similar to a world-event, but will not require that all players be in the same area to experience it. Although the details were sketchy at this point, Blizzard has stated that regardless of where you may happen to be on the world map when this occurs on your server, and regardless of your level, you will experience something akin to hell freezing over. Or the gates to hell opening up and unleashing monsters like you have never seen before. Or the announcement of Starcraft 2 followed by a server crash. Okay, so the last one was a stretch, but I assure you that whatever does happen, you will want to be online for it, even if your character is still only level 25 or so.[/quote] To read the full preview go and visit [url="http://www.gamingexcellence.com/"]Gaming Excellence[/url] by clicking [url="http://www.gamingexcellence.com/pc/games/609/preview.shtml"]here[/url].

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