Guild Houses No Current Plans

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The topic of Guild houses has been mentioned and put forward a few times on the World of Warcraft forums, a blizzard poster had this to say. [quote]It's a feature we'd like to look at sometime in the future though we don't have any specific plans for it at this time. This has been brought up quite a few times in discussions on these forums and tends to result in a lot of arguments both for and against such an idea. On our end of things, we have a mountain of great ideas we'd like to implement into the game at some point, but that involves a lot of prioritizing and scheduling to make them happen. I don't see any problem though with people gathering in the cities and interacting with each other though. It gives me a chance to see what everyone outside my own guild is up to and gives me a chance to meet new people.[/quote]

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