Key-Logging Scam

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This is directly copied from the Game Master Forums in the English World of Warcraft department: [quote]We'd like to make the community aware of a recent account-theft scam that is being circulated through email, game forums, in-game chat, and other mediums. This scam involves fake URLs, or hyperlinks, that once clicked will install harmful "key-logging" software intended to steal your World of Warcraft account name and password. After the creators of these key-loggers steal this information, they log into your account, immediately change your password to lock you out, and then sell all of your items and transfer all of your gold. The scam comes in many forms, including URLs advertised as links to class guides, gameplay videos, and in many cases user-interface (UI) modifications. As a general rule, be extremely wary of URLs ending in ".jpg.html" and ".scr," as in many cases the harmful software is being hidden at locations that end with these extensions. For these reasons, it is very important that players take caution when being directed to outside websites and update the security on their computers accordingly. To secure your computer, we suggest adding some Internet security to your system (for example: a firewall and anti-virus scanner). If you are unsure what security measures to take, discuss the issue of system security with your ISP or a trained Network Administrator for the solution that is right for you. We also strongly recommend that all players use the Blizzard Launcher to start World of Warcraft. In addition to serving as a portal to the game, the Blizzard Launcher provides greater security for our players against harmful software such as the type discussed here. To learn more about this utility, please visit the Blizzard Launcher Page (http://www.wow-europe.com/en/misc/launcher.html) and check out the Blizzard Launcher FAQ (http://faq.wow-europe.com/en/article.php?id=883). For more information on keeping your account secure and what to do if you feel your account has been compromised, please visit the Account Security page (http://www.wow-europe.com/en/support/ca-article.html). [/quote] This information can be usefull regarding key-log scam and other stuff. Never use sites you never heard of, if its known by a friend and you have seen him/her gone on the site, its safe enough. If its a department (like Blizzard) which tells you to go on a site its safe. Remember, change your password once a month maybe even once a week. As an extra Ruvaef is coming with this: [quote]The Game Master Team is very aware of the issues that players are facing regarding the unlocking of accounts after the recent keylogging issue, but unfortunately this is not an issue that the Game Masters can deal with. We would ask all players to be patient in this matter and follow the directions that have been mailed to them by our Account Department. Players will be contacted as soon as possible, but please be aware due to the amount of accounts affected by this, the reply may take longer than normal. [/quote] It can take weeks before your Account gets opened again, if you are lucky you get it opened by some days or a week.

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