The Hidden Battleground

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[img]http://mooblog.blog.playersrepublic.fr/images/medium_wow-logo1500.jpg[/img] It Seems Today in the World of Azeroth there is in fact two Battles of Good vs Evil. The Conflicts of Horde and Alliance are an everyday Battle for Power and A Struggle for either side to gain vital Footholds on the Enemy and Choke their Advances, Training, Encounters, Action, Death, Ressurection and Levelling are an Everyday Occurance in the World of Warcraft. However There is another battlefield Which much less is spoken of, another Battle of Good vs Evil. The Battle of.....

VS. [img]http://www.gamingsteve.com/archives/images/wow_gold.jpg[/img] The likes of those that make profit out of giving players unfair advantages over others, And Those that look to gain unfair advantages. Everyday Blizzard Help to make Azeroth a Fairer Place and and better environment / community for us. This one Goes out to Blizzard, for the Silent Victories Won against, Gold Spammers, Hackers, Botters and all other scum of Azeroth that look to polute our Game with Cheaters! Blizzard We Salute You!


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