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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Do you think they should add any more races and classes in the new game?

Yeah, why not 83.3% (255)
Doesn't bother me, I!'ll conquer all 11.4% (35)
No it's getting a bit much 5.2% (16)
Total: 306
Start: 05-24-2008 00:44
Last: 06-09-2008 02:36

 #1 - Possibility - Posted by: Frogzilla (Member) on 06-03-2008 at 16:47

Blizzard announced the DK is already coming out: quote from blizzard: "The fearsome death knight, World of Warcraft’s first Hero class, is not your average adventurer seeking to prove his or her worth on Azeroth’s fields of battle. No longer servants of the Lich King, they begin their new calling as experienced, formidable adversaries, heavily armed and armored and possessing an arsenal of deadly and forbidden magic learned in the Lich King’s thrall. Here is an introduction, subject to change, of some of the death knight’s core gameplay mechanics and abilities: Simply have a character of at least level 55 on the World of Warcraft account you play, and you will be able to create a new level-55 death knight of any race (if on a PvP realm, the death knight must be the same faction as your existing character). Upon entering the world, your neophyte death knight will undertake a series of quests designed to teach you your new abilities. You will be able to create one death knight per realm, per account." Unquote.

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