Will you report AFKer's ?

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[quote]Despite the anti-AFK measures that were set in place in World of Warcraft, AFKers would still - inevitably - affect other players. The current setup in the PTR is that other players can report an AFKer in the field and if there are enough reports, the AFKer will get a debuff after 30 seconds if they don't participate in combat, and they won't be able to gain honor. Fantastiko posed a question in the WoW Forums if whether or not people would report an AFKer or go AFK as well and get some quick Honor. Abominae also addressed the anti-AFK fix by saying that issuing a 30-second warning isn't enough. Blizzard rep Nethaera explains the issue, and at the same answers Fantastiko's question, saying: We also have some other things that are going to be changed in AV at some point as Kalgan mentioned at BlizzCon so perhaps the incentive to AFK won't be as great with the report function and the upcoming changes. I'll be reporting AFKers if I see them. So if you are morally against AFKers or simply don't like 'em, we should be seeing some new changes to address the issue soon. For now, you can report them and hope they don't use the 30 seconds to do a quick heal and then go AFK again. [/quote]

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