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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
WoWFiles is a massive site with a lot of workload, but I'm trying to make it bigger and better for you the members and guests. If you are a guest than why not register? You can have your say on PotD's, Polls and post your reviews or problems with files posted and most importantly get into this community and make the site larger for everyone to enjoy. As the title suggests, I am going to make a Picture of the Month (PotM), which will consist of the best 3 pictures from the month based on the rating of the picture and of course if the ratings are the same then it will depend on the amount of votes the PotD has. If you win the PotM you will be put into our PotM Hall of Fame which is also coming up, along with Hall of Fames for files too, with the best files to be put into our Hall of Fame with of course the developers too. So if you have a file that you have made lurking around somewhere submit it and we'll post it and hopefully you'll have a chance of winning a place in our soon to be Hall of Fame. Make sure you submit a screenshot as well to get people that extra nudge to download it! The File of the Year as mentioned above will consist of the best files that have been downloaded the most and considered the most useful files, now we'll have to have certain categories for this such as User Interface mods and quest mods and anti spam mods so you can see and download the best files for each category. Then we'll bundle the winners of the categories together and then you'll have the chance to vote for the best file of the year, well to be honest you'll get to vote for all the mods in their categories too, polls will be up and all this will hopefully be done before the New Year. Another project we'll be working on over at WoWFiles if this isn't already enough, will be a site magazine, covering from tips on quests, to guides on levelling and different spells and general information. If you want to submit anything you can, this can be from guides on anything about the game to general rants and raves about WoW. You can even submit videos of you raiding or questing or even PvP'ing and we'll put it in the article for others to see. I really hope I didn't bore you with this, but for WoWFiles the future looks bright, the future looks WoW (sorry just had to say it :p) Digz
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