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Ahn Quiraj Ahn'Qiraj - Episode 1

Movie retracing our progress in AQ40 instance. Episode 1 contain the fourth first bosses, Episode 2 will contain the others up to C’thun.


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Ahn Quiraj Eden Aurorae kill Twin Emps

Eden Aurorae kill the Twin Emperors in AQ40. Shot from the perspective of IndieKid, a Night Elf Hunter, on our first kill.


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Ahn Quiraj Twin Emperors by Eden Aurorae

This is the first time Eden Aurorae down the Twin Emperors, and it's also the first time I record something during a boss fight.


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Ahn Quiraj Dawn of Honor vs Twin Emperors

Dawn of Honor's first kill of the Twin Emperors.


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Ahn Quiraj AhnQiraj First Day NAGINATA

AhnQiraj opened on Frostwolf EU: The Guild Naginata was there to get the Lewtz ;)


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Ahn Quiraj AQ Opening Bit

Some grinding shots AQ 10 hour opening on EU server Aszune very early in the morning.


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Ahn Quiraj Visc Down

A video of our first kill of Viscidous (which happened a while ago, just now getting around to releasing the video). It was also the final b...


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Ahn Quiraj World of Warcraft Ahn'Qiraj Movie

Allianz von Tirisfal, Einheriar and Lordaerons Erbe defeat the mighty Twin Emperors in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj. They used no exploits an...


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Ahn Quiraj Contempt Vs AQ20: Part 1

The World of Warcraft guild Contempt on the server Gul'dan in AQ20 This was my guild Contempt's first entry into the Ruins of Ahn'Qira...


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Ahn Quiraj C'thun kill by Mortalis

Mortalis on Nordrassil killing C'thun in AQ40. Talentbuild is 18/31/2. Video quality is very good.


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Ahn Quiraj Chinese Farming Movie

Chinese farming movie on server Defias brotherhood. Chinese farming Ahn'qiraj 20 Server: Defias brotherhood Made by: Alysia (Lvl 60...


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Ahn Quiraj AQ Opening

The opening of Ahn'Qiraj on EU Bronzebeard.


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Ahn Quiraj Final Equilibrium in Ahn'Qiraj

A video showcasing the exploits of Final Equilibrium in AQ. Unfortunately neither Ouro nor Viscidus is showcased.