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Drama Join Horde

On Alleria, the Alliance greatly outnumber the Horde in an almost 4 to 1 ratio. View Toca's epic video to help recruit new members to the H...


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Drama Hootie: Ballad of the Strigid Screecher

This is a hearwarming video about the pet of a Night Elf Hunter on World of Warcraft. The author wrote the music as well as performed the s...


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Drama Angel

A warlock finds love in the darkness of Duskwood..


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Drama Nemiq visits Ironforge

The horde player Nemiq exploring the dwarf city Ironforge (World of warcraft, Bladefist).


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Drama Mug of Ale: The Fellowship of the Mug

The last trailer before the Strom, erm I mean the movie. Mug of Ale is a huge project from a small Machinima studio named DreamForks. The...


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Drama Pharl 3 - Felwood Showdown

The end of a trilogy. With this I complete my newb training in making movies. It was fun to edit and even more so to film. Big thanks to eve...


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Drama Chronicle

I've always enjoyed collecting screenshots and video while playing World of Warcraft and as a consequence I've built a reserve of material t...