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Interface improvements Titan Panel [Quests]

Displays number of quests in Titan Panel. When hovered over it displays the following info: - total number of quests - number of Elite que...


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Interface improvements CT MovableParty

This mod allows you to move each party member frame individually. To unlock the party frame, click the Unlock Frames button on the General p...


Interface improvements Titan Panel 1.24

This has to be one of the most useful addons I've obtained. It provides you will nearly all the information you need concerning money, ba...


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Interface improvements TitanClassTracker

Adds a module to Titan Panel to count different items and regeants depending on player class. Simply helps keep track of what's important t...


Interface improvements Titan Panel

Finally, an update to the Titan Panel, a favored mod for many. This has to be one of the most useful addons I've obtained. It pr...


Interface improvements CTMod

The newest update to the popular CTMod, which features many CT addons within itself. Definately something nice to have, its even in my own...


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Interface improvements AutoGroup

AutoGroup will automatically accept group offers from either anyone on your friends list or anyone at all. See the readme for detalis!


Interface improvements Gatherer

Gatherer updated for patch 1.7, update yours now.


Interface improvements FlexBar

FlexBar, an addon that I could never figure out how to work. This would be the latest version to it.


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Interface improvements CT Addons

The CTmod team was quick to update, as this is the new version of all the CT mods put into one package, and all compatible with WoW 1.8


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Interface improvements CT Addons Fix

There was a problem with the bars in the newest update and the buttons greying/red when in distance of mobs. This fixes that mod, and stil...


Interface improvements Titan Battleground

This is an addon for TitanPanel that displays battleground info. The info changes depending on what BG you are in. There's also a couple o...


Interface improvements Smart Target

This mod will add more logic to the targeting function. Check out the readme. Lots of features and more coming in the future.


Interface improvements myShowBid

Just a small mod that greys out the starting price of an item in the auction house which don't have a bid yet. Makes it easier to see if s...


Interface improvements Move Anything

This is one of my favorite mods right now mainly because it allowed me to move my tooltip after countless other mods wouldn't :) Fairly s...


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Interface improvements UI Addon Kit

When you run this program, it pops up a message window with an explanation on what it does, together with a link to an introductory text and...


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Interface improvements Titan Panel

This is the patch 1.12.2 Titan Panel version. Just put the files in your C:program files>worldofwarcraft>interface>addons Its maybe it...


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Interface improvements CoolWatch

What does it do? Simple, it watches spells/abilities and pops a message into the middle of the screen when the cooldown finishes. Useful f...


Interface improvements RogueHelperSE

Description: It gives the user a little window that shows energy and combo points when playing a rogue. Commands: /rhse...


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Interface improvements CTMod

This is the updated CT_Mod Version :)


Interface improvements EzDismount

EzDismount causes you to dismount when you click on a spell, gather an herb/ore node, or attack someone. You still have to click the action...


Interface improvements Smartbuff/Smartdebuff

Here's a robust buff management addon that can take the place of Decursive and keep track of who needs what buffs. There are so many option...


Interface improvements BUFX

Just a little addon that gives numerical values for health and mana, with an option to add an XP bar in the player frame. Does the same thi...


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Interface improvements Atlas Quest

This is Asurns AtlasQuest updated by Lothaer this version works with Atlas 1.9RC2


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