World of WarCraft
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
CT AllBags CTMod Team 1KB 2,100
Advanced Bags Plus Jower 146KB 4,072
Quick Loot Telo 2KB 9,232
Enchantrix Norganna 156KB 7,895
LootLink Telo 26KB 13,104
KC_Items Kaelten 46KB 1,922
Equip Compare legorol 25KB 14,070
Enchantrix Norganna 174KB 3,562
EquipCompare legorol 27KB 6,921
LootLink Telo 26KB 7,546
Lootster Guest 212KB 1,302
PriceMaster Guest 1.04MB 846
Quick Repair (Auto Repair) Guest 1KB 3,461
Loot Filter Guest 12KB 871
vBagnon Tuller 65KB 1,495
Bagnon / Banknon patched Grayson 56KB 1,560
Wardrobe KarlKFI 213KB 2,674
AutoProfit Jason Allen 4KB 903
Give Me Heath Guest 16KB 134
AutoProfitX Guest 8KB 448
Item Price Tooltip Guest 130KB 4,882
GuildAllience Guest 14KB 50
Invetory Hawk Guest 78KB 192
Lootfilter Guest 15KB 580
All in One Inventory & Bank Guest 97KB 1,609
ArkInventory Guest 280KB 493
BankItems Guest 23KB 616
ItemPriceTooltip Guest 158KB 979
ArkInventory Guest 285KB 321
Pawn VgerAN 13KB 249
Bag Press smcn 135KB 78