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Maps BC trackingmenu

Replaces the tracking icon on the minimap with an icon that has a popup menu that allows you to choose which tracking ability to activate. I...


Maps BigMiniMap Addon

Provides a binding to toggle the size of the minimap between 1.15 and 2 times (configurable) the normal size. Thanks to diiverr for the scre...


Maps Alpha Map

Description : This add-on acts as a transparent world map which appears over the screen. While the map is open you can see where you, your...


Maps Minimap Coordinates Addon

Just a small addon that adds your coordinates after the zone name on the minimap and the worldmap.


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Maps Currentzone Fix UI

The bug as of interface version 1500: When you reload the User Interface in-game, the Blizzard API fu...


Maps Dloc UI

Displays a x,y location to any chat channel which people can click on to display a pointer in their world map and mini map. - Type /dloc fo...


Maps Flightmap UI

This AddOn learns your flightpath destinations and costs each time you talk to a flight master, and then displays that information on the Wo...


Maps Flight Path UI

This World of Warcraft addon makes flying around the world of Azeroth a little easier. It automatically learns flight paths as you talk...


Maps Gatherer UI

Gatherer is a WoW addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters. It's main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure...


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Maps Radar Blip UI

This mod will add a MiniMap Waypoint (aka Blip) whenever you hear coordinates in the form of "##, ##" on any broadcast channel.


Maps Visible FlightMap UI

What does it do? Visible Flight Map makes it so that all flight paths and destinations show up on the flight path map, complete with mous...


Maps Gatherer

Gatherer is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. It's main purpose is to track the closest p...


Maps Warsong Commander

I almost overlooked this mod, but after reading into it, seems like its pretty good actually. It allows you to open a map of the Warsong G...


Maps Square Minimap

Simple enough, this makes your minimap square. You can see a little bit more with this addon and it fits well with some custom interfaces.


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Maps City of the Dead

The Drow's quest for power has pushed their race into an alliance with the undead. The alliance has turned ill. The Undead Lord has seized...


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Maps AOS- Relics

This is the light version ( w/o custom marketplace and thieves guild models. Select a hero by selecting your wisp and right-clicking o...


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Maps Reign of Chaos Map- Arkuil Style Super TD

Another Arkguil map...In this version you can see new tower design like dragons, new kinds of monsters and many other thing to discover.


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Maps Reign of chaos Map- Arkguil Tower Defense

Another Arkguil map... This map can be played by 2 players and the tower prices are lower.


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Maps Battle of Rohan

Multiplayer map for 9 players It's time to choose your side are you with Saruman or against him. Fait of Rohan is in your hands.


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Maps Battlefield 1942

This is a map based off of the PC hit: Battlefield 1942. The map is designed around Wake Island. You start as either Axis or Allied and you...


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Maps Cascade

Cascade V1.6 Is a Tower Defence Map for 8 players. Protect the village from 32 levels of monsters. Watch out for the flying levels they can...


Maps MobMap

The MobMap Addon is an ingame database browser. It displays the positions of all known mobs and NPCs on the ingame map as well as the minima...