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Special Onyxia (AOE/Ordo Seclorum - Garona)

Onyxia: The Movie Guilds Ordo Seclorum and Alliance of Exile on the Garona server in World of Warcraft vs. Onyxia. Our guilds were allie...


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Special Warrior AoE

This video shows a warrior pulling arggo in Deadmines and hitting a bunch of enemies for a total of over 30,000 DPS (thats 30,000 damage in...


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Special Kidnap The Sandy Claws

This is a World of Warcraft music video set to the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" by Danny Elfman featured in the motion picture "Tim Burt...


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Special The Fallen Warrior

The World of Warcraft short story about a Paladin who fell in love with the Death Angel. The war is never end, but true love never dies!


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Special Exploit: Jump-Log

This is a video showing the jump-logout exploit that was introduced this week. As you can see in the video, it was possible to exploit a rid...


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Special Karazhan Crypt Preview/Walkthrough

It's a shortish video of how to get to the Crypt located in Karazhan in Deadwind Pass. It's going to be a future big Instance in The Bu...


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Special Burning Crusade - E3 Trailer 2006

Burning Crusade - E3 Trailer 2006


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Special WoW meets EQ Bard!

Found a bug making a hunter go amazingly fast speeds.


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Special Chapter 3 Trailer- CoaN

This is a trailer for the upcoming release of, Chronicles of a Newbie Chapter 3! This is a teaser (not really footage for C3) featuring two...


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Special Assasin

This is a movie about an Undead assasin and his way up to higher ranks at the eyes of Arthas. It is made after many hours of editing and man...


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Special Model Changing WoW

Changing your character model in WoW. Using MyWarcraftStudio he shows the ability to change his character model into anything he wants. W...


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Special The Perfect Servers

Do you think the servers are perfect? Check out StrifeX's Garr run. Is this normal? Watch and be amazed.


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Special Idle Time

A movie showing how to get into: The secret troll village. Mount Hyjal. Caverns of Time. Old Ironforge. All solo, no hacks, on live...


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Special Epic Mount Exploration

Showing three locations which are only reachable with an epic mount. # Western Tirisfal # Undercity's Maintenance Level # Uninstanced...


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Special Totem Range Bug Demo

This video demonstrates the bug with totem ranges starting with patch 1.11. Patch 1.11 introduced a new shaman talent called "Totemic Maste...


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Special Dotw Dream

World of Warcraft - Story-Video It's about six women and their dreams about Love, Hope, Freedom, etc.


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Special How to get into DM Library without key!

This video shows you how the get into DM Library without the key. All mages can do this. So if you need to finish your trinket quest or want...


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Special Exiled in AQ

This is a sneak peak of exileds aq movie... Check out their forums at


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Special CoW - Episode 1

Dellmonty and Druiel set off on an action-filled adventure to find out who robbed the Thunderbluff Bank. Part one of three.


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Special Flightmaster

Short Description on how to kill a Flightmaster. Usually the best way to taunt the other side to turn their PvP on.


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Special Blizz Discusses Situation

A sneak peek into Blizzard HQ, July 2006 Watch as Blizzard employees frankly discuss some key issues facing the game!


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Special Gogglefish

The Movie is mainly about song and dance, I strongly suggest you don't download it if you don't like this kind of thing. This is my person...


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Special LOKI World Tour (A Tribute)

"This is a present to all my guildies disbanding this week. LOKI has been a wonderful and fun experience for me. You made all the time, mone...


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Special The Antikythera Mechanism

The idea was to be creative with my emotions, and the result is a video clip of sorts for a track called The Antikythera Mechanism off of BT...


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