A Storm of Crows

World druid PVP on Dunemaul. If I was doing world PVP with my druid, it'd be called "When Animals Attack", or perhaps more accura...

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File Description

World druid PVP on Dunemaul. If I was doing world PVP with my druid, it'd be called "When Animals Attack", or perhaps more accurately "When Animals Attempt to Attack But Get a Royal Stomping". However, I'm not 70 yet, they are, so they get to call their video whatever they want. But everyone knows it's a murder of crows -- how could you pass up a perfect pun like that? For shame.

"In my youth the elders once spoke of a sacred ritual witch name was only known by a few and whisperd by even less. It was held by druids, choosen not for there wits or knowledge, but for the length of there fangs and claws. These druids where gatherd at a sacred ground where they honored there fallen brethren. But unlike most druids there hymns and chantings was not in a search for forgiveness. There prayers did not carry words of peace and understanding for there lost once. Insted they choose to embrace the pain. They open there heart for vengence while sharpening there claws against blood shatterd rocks. When driven to the point where there eyes glow of rage they all leave as one. A big cloud of frenzied crows that blackens the very sky while following a choosen path of war and retribution. On these days the very ground is soiled in blood by thoose whom comes across there path. The one time that nature brings out the sharpest of thorns from its rosegarden. This is the very day when the druids goes to war."

Original movie from Dunemaul EU ( PvP ), all credits belong to them.

( I am just uploading for publicity )

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