All in One Inventory & Bank



Ok, this is Sarf's AllInOneInventory fixed....and tweaked beyond belief! Also has Ramble's MyBank tweaked out too!!

- It's standalone! ZERO dependiencies. - It works at the bank! - All the clicking (shift, ctrl) modifiers work - You can view your bank (or other characters too!) from anywhere in the game!

- Alt-right-click will now search that item at the AH. - Alt-double-left-click will populate the create auction information (requires auctioneer). - Alt-Shift-left-click will populate and automatically create an auction (requires auctioneer).



/aioi toggle (shows AIOI)
/aioi includeshotbags (adds the shot bags in AIOI)
/aioi reset (resets the position of AIOI)
/aioi replacebags (using this will open AIOI instead of all your bags in shop windows and banks. Also replaces the 'Open all bags' Keybinding)
/aioi autobags (Allows AIOI to auto. open inventory when at AH/bank/mailbox/trade/vendor)
/aioi columns # (show number of columns)
/aioi togglebags # (0=backpack, 1=slot 1... etc) (toggle which bags to show and hide in AIOI
/aioi swapbagorder (puts bag 4 at the top and backpack at the bottom)
/aioi alpha # (0 - 1)(transperancy of AIOI)
/aioi scale # (0=off, 1=normal, 2=double the size)

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