Arathi Basin Helper

Now works with Burning Crusades!

This mod presents three simple features to aid in the Arathi Basin battleground. First, it visually noti...


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Now works with Burning Crusades!

This mod presents three simple features to aid in the Arathi Basin battleground. First, it visually notifies you of who each resource belongs to. Second, by clicking one of the buttons representing a resource, you either send a command to assault a resource, or a notifaction that the opponents are incoming (depending on the current status of that node). This message is sent to the general chat channel if you aren't currently in a group. If you are in a party, the message is only sent to party members. If you are in a raid, the message is only sent to raid members. If a node is assaulted, there is roughly 60 seconds of time in which that node is contested before it is assigned to one side or the other. The third feature of this mod is that as nodes are assaulted, timers pop up next to the node icon to warn you of roughly how much time you have left before that node is assigned (this way, you can decide whether you should start trying to take a node, or wait a few seconds). Due to latency issues, the timers may be off by a few seconds.

The new version adds in a second lowprofile mode, this one being horizontal rather than vertical. Also, if you shift + left mouse click a resource button, a popup will appear letting you specify a number from 1 to 15. The normal assault or incoming message (depending on the status of the node) will be sent out, with this number appended to it. This lets you quickly notify your comrades how many are incoming to a node, or how many need to assault a node. If you cntrl+left mouse click a resource button, a popup will appear display user configurable messages. Each node can have eight messages, and each node's messages are unique (for a total of 40 possible messages). To set up these messages to your liking, follow this procedure:

Let's say we want to personalize the first farm message,

/abh user farm1 Heavy incoming to farm, get your butts over here!

Now when you cntrl+click the farm button, the first message in the popup will read 'Heavy incoming to farm, get your butts over here!'.

If you wanted to change the 3rd message, you would substitute farm3 for farm1 up in the command. Valid userstatement groups are: farm1 - 8, mill1 - mill8, smit1 - smit8, mine1 - mine8, stab1 - stab8. Its important you spell the groups correctly.

If you want to activate the horizontal lowprofile mode (without using a command line) just shift+click the - button. The - button is located right above the top right corner of the mod window when it is in vertical mode. The -, ?, anc X buttons are hidden until moused over.

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Download '' (158KB)

Version 2.0 adds in:

- horizontal low profile mode
- a feature to quickly tell the group how many of the enemy are coming (by clicking the number in a popup)
- the ability to broadcast custom messages you can select from a popup.
- when a node is taken, the corresponding button in the mod flashes quickly to add a visual que.
- the -,?,X buttons are now hidden until moused over.

Version 2.01 adds in:
autoinvite and inviteall features

Version 2.02:
AB Helper should work with patch 1.9 now.

Version 2.05:
AB Helper is now partially localized to German. It will work fine on German servers now and send the node messages
in German, the only thing that isn't localized are the
default messages and the help messages.

Version 2.06:
Works with WoW 2.0 now.

Version 2.07:
Localized to French now, thanks to pahspartu.

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