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In short

. All armory information as seen on the offical site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realm...


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In short

. All armory information as seen on the offical site from Blizzard Entertainment, in game, for all your characters, on all realms . Information about all skills of your characters, including professions with recipies . Searchable inventory, including bags, bank and mailbox items . Quest logs and spell books of all your characters


. Overview of location, stats, equipment, reputation, skill levels, talents and honor per character . Overview of inventory items, including bag, bank and mail items per character and overall . Overview of quests per character . Overview of profession recipes per character . Overview of spells per character (including pets) . Searchable inventory per character or overall . Searchable professions by level (e.g. '10', '~10' or '10-20') or recipe name . Multiple realm support . Copy link in chat frame support (shift-click in equipment, inventory, recipes and quests) . Gold per character and faction total . Saved instances (raid info) per character . Equipment comparison tooltips . Configurable inventory item expiration scanning at start-up and on-demand . Draggable frames . Native Auctioneer (EnhTooltip), oGlow, Pawn and ReagentCost support . Titan and FuBar support through separate add-ons* . Command-line search for items, spells, quests and skills


There are four different ways in which you can start Armory.

1) /armory 2) /ar 3) Bind a key in the key bindings section e.g. shift-a 4) Use Titan or FuBar integration

Data Collection

Once Armory is enabled as a WoW add-on it will scan and keep track of your playing character's data. But some information can only be reached when you actually open a game window. Before you do so Armory will not be aware of any information contained in it. Game windows concerned are the bank, mailbox, and your skill windows (i.e. professions). Once opened Armory will contain their data.


Just below the portrait there are two small arrows that enable you to browse forward and backward through your characters. In the key bindings section you can define hotkeys for both functions. At the right-hand side of the portrait you can push a dropdown button to access a character selection menu.

Fast Search

To search the database without opening Armory you can use "/ar find" from the command-line. The syntax is:

/ar find all | item | quest | spell | skill [namepart]

where you should choose one of the search types "all", "item", "quest" "spell" or "skill", e.g. "/ar find item boots". If you omit the search type "all" will be assumed, .e.g. "/ar find all boots" is the same as "/ar find boots", but to search all occurrences of the phrase "spell" you need to specify "/ar find all spell". You can also search for multiple name parts, e.g. "/ar find boots for" will find "Boots of Foretelling" and "Reinforced Mail Boots". To search an extact phrase you need to put quotes (single or double) around it, e.g. "/ar find 'boots of for'".

Equipment Comparison

If you see an equipment tooltip in game, you can press the Alt key to get a comparison tooltip with the equipment of the selected character. If you use for example Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDn as navigation hotkeys you can easily browse through the equipment of all your alts when comparing.


Armory's options are set by using the command-line or the configuration panel. To get an overview of command-line options type "/ar help". To access the options panel type "/ar config" or select it from the Interface option in the game's main menu. When using Titan or FuBar integration some options are also available in the icon's context menu.


There are some command-line options you can use to delete characters from your database:

/ar delete all Deletes all characters in the database. The playing character will be rescanned. Example: /ar delete all

/ar delete realm [name] Deletes all characters that belong to the specified realm. If [name] is not provided the current realm will be assumed. If the playing character is part of the realm deleted, it will be rescanned. Example: /ar delete realm MyRealm (case sensitive)

/ar delete char [name] [realm] Deletes the specified character from the database. If [name] is omitted the playing character will be deleted first and then rescanned. If [realm] is not specified the current realm will be assumed. Example: /ar delete char MyChar MyRealm (case sensitive)

Note that you can delete pet information by right-clicking on the pet slot.


Currently Armory only supports the English locale, but it is written with localization in mind. If you want to translate Armory you have to create a localized version of the 'Localization.lua' file that can be found in Armory's install directory. Send me a copy if you like your work to be included in a next release. But please test it thoroughly first because it will be likely that I don't understand a word you're writing and can't make changes when things won't fit for example.

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