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Here is an update to one of my other favorite maps, Atlas. Basically an addon that supplies you with a window to view overview maps of each instance in the game, both horde and alliance locations. Definately a must to have, saves plenty of time in those big instances to know where you going (Horde: Wailing Caverns anyone?)



Atlas is a user interface mod for World of Warcraft that provides a simple in-game instance map browser. Typing the command '/atlas' or clicking the mini-map icon will open the Atlas window. Through the options panel you can disable the icon, change its position, or adjust the transparency of the main window. Move Atlas around simply by left-clicking and dragging. Use the small padlock icon in the upper-right corner to lock the window in place. Atlas includes a map for every instance in the game except Blackwing Lair. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

The Atlas homepage is located here:

To install Atlas simply unzip the downloaded package into your Interface/AddOns directory.


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