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Atlas is a simple in-game instance map browser. The command '/atlas' will bring up the frame. All the maps are selectable from the drop do...


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Atlas is a simple in-game instance map browser. The command '/atlas' will bring up the frame. All the maps are selectable from the drop down menu. Points of interest are marked. My short term goal is to have a map for every instance in the game. In the future I might add interactive features like quest info, item drops and detailed room descriptions. Contact:

You can browse the Atlas maps online here:

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Current Maps
- Blackfathom Deeps
- Blackrock Depths
- Blackrock Spire (Upper)
- Dire Maul (East)
- Dire Maul (North)
- Dire Maul (West)
- Gnomeregan
- Maraudon
- Molten Core
- Onyxia's Lair
- Ragefire Chasm
- Razorfen Downs
- Razorfen Kraul
- Scarlet Monastery
- Scholomance
- Stratholme
- The Deadmines
- The Stockade
- The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
- Uldaman
- Wailing Caverns
- Zul'Farrak

Coming Soon
- Blackrock Spire (Lower)
- Shadowfang Keep

Slash Commands
/atlas - toggle the atlas frame
/atlas options - toggle the options panel 
Changes : 
- updated TOC number to 1500 for the 1.5 patch
- new maps: Onyxia's Lair and Blackrock Spire (Upper)
- added player limit to all maps
- added location of instance to all maps
- added Skul to Stratholme map (thanks Miya)
- added the various locations Targorr the Dread can spawn in The Stockade (thanks Deathmatcher)
- moved Lorgus Jett in Blackfathom Deeps; is he in the right place now? (need feedback)
- removed statue activation order from Temple map (due to a number of requests)
- have many of the mobs in Stratholme moved? looking for solid and detailed information
- new maps: The Temple of Atal'Hakkar and Dire Maul (North, East and West)
- special thanks goes out to Nogame at for the blank maps
- added Lorgus Jett, Baron Aquanis and Fathom Core to Blackfathom Deeps (thanks Cadex)
- added Azshir the Sleepless to Scarlet Monastery (thanks John K.)
- added Fallen Champion and Ironspine to Scarlet Monastery (thanks Shape)
- added Bruegal Ironknuckle to The Stockade (thanks DragonBlade)
- added Stonespine to Stratholme (thanks Shape)
- moved Magistrate Barthilas to the correct location (thanks Shape)
- made a few cosmetic changes to the Scholomance map
- changed the framestrata of the minimap button to low (thanks Zilas)
- added a small credit to the titlebar
- added Zerillis to Zul'Farrak map (thanks JennerCobrari)
- fixed a typo in the Scarlet Monastery map (thanks halfhand and nonlinear)
- marked Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme as rare (thanks DrimIT)
- new maps: Scholomance, Stratholme and The Stockade
- Atlas is 28% larger! (all maps are higher resolution)
- added Meshlok the Harvester to Maraudon map (thanks Aludian)
- added version number to the Atlas window
- added an options button to the Atlas window
- added a key binding to toggle the options window
- updated all level ranges from official wow website
- changed the Atlas icon to something better
- the minimap button now collapses with the minimap
- options are now saved under a single variable
- updated Gnomeregan map with a new mob and marked one as rare
- updated myAddOns support for the options frame
- fixed problem with saving the status of the minimap button
- fixed problem with the frame level of the minimap button
- added Obsidian Sentinel to Uldaman map (thanks Bhaerau)
- new options window: type '/atlas options' to bring it up
- new minimap button, moveable and hideable (thanks CTMod code) 
- transparency control slider
- added Lorgalis Manuscript to Blackfathom Deeps map (thanks Connall)
- lock button added next to close button, frame can only be dragged when unlocked
- lock status is saved between sessions
- frame position no longer resets all the time
- frame position is unaffected by other UIPanels
- added Ragglesnout to Razorfen Downs map (thanks beffe)
- Escape once again closes the window (clearly important)
- still draggable, but position isn't saved (a temp solution)
- new map: The Deadmines (thanks Pycelle)
- updated level range for all maps
- due to popular demand, Atlas is once again draggable!
- Escape no longer closes frame, use hotkey instead
- updated myAddOns support
- new maps: Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs and Molten Core (thanks Conquest/Sudo)
- added punch card locs to Gnomeregan map
- added missing credit to SM map
- new maps: Gnomeregan and Zul'farrak
- removed loaded message (spam) upon entering the world
- added level information to all maps
- minor tweaks and spelling fixes
- new map: Wailing Caverns (thank you Grimm@CC)
- fixed issue with not being able to open other panels while Atlas was open, as a side effect dragging is disabled (feedback welcome)
- Atlas will now automatically open to the map of the instance you're in (needs feedback and testing)
- added myAddOns support
- added Cosmos support
- new map: Scarlet Monastery
- pressing escape now closes frame
- fixed version numbering
- new maps: Maraudon and Uldaman
- added hotkey binding to toggle frame

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